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Curren't Forcefields work by dealing damage if you are inside it however I think we should change it to 2 different types of forcefields. As well as this the following shapes of forcefields should be useable.

- Sphere (what we have now)
- Wall (Big rectangle)

Ray Shields:

- Does no damage if you are inside however the perimeter of the Ray Shield is impossible to walk through.
- Bullets and projectiles cannot pass through the Ray Shield
- Is Red.
- Disabled via hackable terminal


- Insta Kills if you touch perimeter like blue fire pipes on ship (no more taking damage if you run through it)
- Bullets and projectiles can pass through the Forcefield
- Is Blue
- Disabled via hackable terminal

With this the "Wall" shaped Ray Shield / Forcefield can be edited with the commands:

sam setforcefieldwidth (0-5000)
sam setforcefieldheight (0-5000)

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29 minutes ago, Chad said:

I mean sounds good. Although i wouldnt say perma kill?

Well if being perma killed sounds bad maybe don't walk into it :biccies:

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