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Trainings and Events (Channel Suggestion)

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So to give context, this suggestion is for the discord

Basically my suggestion is to make or combine channels to create a channel where commanders can announce trainings and other activites for their regiment(s), to ensure that they dont clash with events

This would be helpful as it means that when commanders have trainings planned (like ARC) they dont have to worry about needing to re-arange them once its been announced in the new channel, so EPs know when not to do an event

My original idea is to add it to the Tryout Announcement Channel, but id like to see you guys's ideas.


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2 minutes ago, [PU] FurrDazzler said:

Something like that yer

I can make that happen, yeah. Is there anything else that would be nice to have? Going to wait for some more community feedback on this post yet. 

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