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Suggestion Guidelines and Recommendations

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In this topic I will describe how to create a good suggestion, however the rules are as follows:

  • Before posting a suggestion for your regiment/collection of jobs (e.g. Jedi, CG or 501st), it must be passed by the command of your regiment, and we suggest you discuss it with your regiment, this helps suggestions go smoother and less people's time is wasted.
  • If you are suggesting new models for a job you must include the model path e.g. 'model/player/104tharc.mdl', if you are suggesting bodygroup changes, you must only include the bodygroups which have changed from the default (not 0)
  • You must not post a duplicate suggestion, or something that has already been implemented

Failure to follow the required guidelines above will result in a 4 day temporary ban from the forums.

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