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What's your favourite breakfast?

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We haven't had a forum for things like this since Wolf's 'Favourite Type of Cake' post.

What is your favourite breakfast?

Mine is a Full Irish minus the egg, tomato and mushroop with some tea and a glass of whatever juice is lying around.

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good big ole bowl of [any kind of] porridge with a good amount of sugar and like a table spoon of cinnamon. for drink just like a glass or 2 of milk. maybe even have some fresh out of the oven bread on the side. 
Tastes so god damn good and it's just a great way to start the day

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34 minutes ago, J05hua06 said:

an egg an bacon sandwich with a glass of orange juice 

ngl ima have to agree with J05h on that - bonus points if there is sasauge and some sauce in there aswell

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