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J05hua06's EP Application

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    6d 3hrs 18ms
  • Founder of the Community
  • Creator of the Gamemode used on CWRP
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  • Adapting to situations
    Yes i can, for example if an EC dies i would adapt to this current situation and add in another EC as a republic officer or commander and help out the best way they can
  • Event Planner Experience
  • Servers you have planned events on
  • What can you bring to the EP team?
    i can bring fun events along with enjoyable arcs and storylines and just hpe everyone can have a fun time
  • About you
    My name Sev and im a 15yr old that joined PU CWRP last year during the first quarantine and have been playing since i like to help people alot and would like to help the players of the server and make it fun for everyone
  • Thinking of an event idea
    When it comes to thinking of an event idea i would look at some of the previous events for ideas and then think of a main objective and then expand where is necessary.
    Then i'll think of ways for it, to make it trickier for the troopers to get to their main objective by using some of the PU features like the ray fields and/or the destroyable walls
    Next is the NPCs, i'd decide which ones to use and that would be suitable for the battle to their main objective
    Then i can see if there'll be any Side tasks for the troopers to get access to there objective
  • Planning an event idea
    I would think of the event as a tree; the main objective being the trunk of the tree which would be to obtain this or Rescue this EC.
    Then there's the branches which act as side tasks such as PU features like destructable walls, get rid of a ray-field, or they would have to destroy CIS Comms to stop incoming reinforcements
    But Last of all, play ability, in past events i've been seeing missing textures in maps and Errors would replace the NPCs and sometimes i see that the events have a lack of context, so its important to test maps and see where NPCs can and/or will be placed and to make sure its not laggy and make sure everyone can play
  • On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate how capable you believe you are at thinking of, planning and executing an event?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you using the Garry's Mod Sandbox spawnmenu?
  • Please provide a base event plan including what and why something is happening in your event, how that will affect the players, the expected outcome and EP notes to follow during the event
    A RHC gets in contact with Fort Anaxes to tell them that some jawas have arrived on planet anaxes to do trading and have a datadrive with intel about a droid facility that is based on Geonosis (hfg_swrp_geonosis). The troopers are informed that a pair of jawas have the datadrive. The troopers go out and find where these jawas have set up shop and trade the datadrive. The Troop had found the Jawas and want to offer credits for the Datadrive but the jawas refuse the offer, they want something with more value to them like some special equipment or something rare. (there to ends to this situation:
    Situation 1
    the jawas will start to pack up and leave with the data drive in their hands because they didnt like anything the Troop had to offer and left
    Situation 2
    the jawas accept the item they are trading and give the Troop the datadrive and the jawas would leave, but also them losing something valued to the base
  • Please provide a Planetary event plan including what will happen on the main base and why this happens, the planet they are going to RP wise, the name of the map being changed to, a description of what the troops will do as well as how this will affect them, the expected outcome and EP notes to follow during the event
    This will be a follow up from the event above:

    Situation 1:
    The jawas pack up and leave back to a CIS controlled planet with the datadrive and went open to trading on the planet, the troopers are told to go to the CIS infested planet and trade the datapad before the CIS get to it first. The planet they would be going to is naboo (rp_naboo_city_v2_1) on the planet they would have to fight through the CIS Enforcement's to find where the jawas have setup shop in naboo, they would either have to steal the datadrive or buy it

    Situation 2:
    After the jawas had traded the datadrive for the rare item / special equipment they leave to go to the CIS controlled planet (this situation is similar to the one above) the troopers are told to get back the rare item/ special equipment because the CIS might use it to get an advantage over Fort anaxes. the troops would have to steal or buy it it is their choice. if the troops steal it then the CIS will be alerted and Reinforcements will arrive to stop the troops or if they buy it back nothing will happen... maybe.
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I didn't exactly like the planetary, i think you could have improved on it a lot by just being in more detail on everything, when and where will they encounter droids, what ECs will there be, how many ECs will there be.

I think if it the planetary was developed more then this would be 100% yes from me, But for now i will be waiting for other peoples comments and thoughts.

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I know we need EPs and all but this just seems too rushed for my liking, its weird because in the start of the app you've mentioned many features and tools an EP can use and gone into a good amount of detail, but then once you've done your plans you've barely included any detail at all


Sorry but being an EP requires a lot of effort, something I just don't think you've shown in your app.

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-1 for now. 

You have shown the tools that an EP have available to them but have failed to add additional information on how you would use said tools. Application is a bit rushed but would be good if more time and detail is added.

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+1, a Generally good application, though as Robin said a bit more detail/information regarding the planetary would be good - though im sure as you do more events and learn more about the tool-set available to the EPs that these plans and events will improve as a result.

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You certainly have a good grasp on the theory and ideas of how events should be run.

I am willing to bargain that with a little bit of training and guidance you can create intriguing and enjoyable events.

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It's lacking few details in event plans, but with proper training and experience gained over time while doing events, i think you will correct your current mistakes. Overall i like it and would be happy to work with you.       +1

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