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Fleet name changes for Fort Anaxes

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Alright, so hopefully this will be the last post about this topic, this name change and rank structure was approved by fleet and was also approved by command for liking it. So here is the proposed changes:

-Change the name of Fleet to Base Command (BC).

And have this ranking structure:

Base High Command
BC Director
BC Vice Director
BC Colonel
BC Brigadier
BC Major
BC Captain
BC Lieutenant
BC 2nd Lieutenant
BC Officer

Hopefully everyone likes and agrees to these changes and we wont have to think about this again, cheers.

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Was discussed in the command meeting where they were all agreed upon, they make sense, as well as the fact fleet needs a name change.

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I personally still dont see the need/requirement to change the name of fleet and the ranks, but as it is an improvement upon the last suggestion and if its been agreed upon by Fleet and Commanders then I guess i'll agree with it, +1

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Your suggestion/bug report has now changed status to denied, see the replies to this topic for the reason. If your bug report was denied, it is because it was not able to be re-produced by a member of the development team, or because you submitted a bug report that is invalid and either will not be fixed, or is not fixable (such as asking us to fix an issue with the game itself).

Thank you for taking your time to write your suggestion/bug report.

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