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CG Ideas/Proposals - Theme: Emergency

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Hey, CG Command, Lawrance here.

Is CG really useful in emergencies regarding the protection of VIPs?
The answer is n o.

In case of an emergency, such as DEFCON 1, CG are tasked with evacuating with fleet. Now, you can already see the problem. Unless a CG is pilot trained, all we can do is literally just follow the VIPs to a vehicle which any fleet can literally spawn. Let me rephrase it this way; our jobs can most literally be done by those who we are supposed to protect and they can do it better in most cases.
This also doesn't touch on the case of if a VIP is down during the evacuation which all a CG can do is maybe call a medic and watch the corpse of the body, looking at the literal failure of their role. Well, no more!
Say Hello to the CG first aid kit and CG emergency LAAT!

Please for the love of god and everything holy, please give feedback because otherwise this cannot simply work with me alone, thanks ❤️

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Your suggestion/bug report has now changed status to denied, see the replies to this topic for the reason. If your bug report was denied, it is because it was not able to be re-produced by a member of the development team, or because you submitted a bug report that is invalid and either will not be fixed, or is not fixable (such as asking us to fix an issue with the game itself).

Thank you for taking your time to write your suggestion/bug report.

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