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[PU] Mcbiccies

[PU] Mcbiccies's Ban Appeal

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    Garry's Mod CWRP Server
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    Heavy (i dont remember my other names its been so long)
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    Player pulling - on making a community of my own, i invited members from PU to said new community. While i see said members as people id consider to be IRL freinds, it was none the less player pulling. 

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    Hello all,


    Essentially, im not going to sit here and bullshit and act like what i did wasn't player pulling - it most defiantly was. While i see those that i invited to my own server as close friends, it none the less should have been discussed with management first before any invites were given. It was extremely selfish of me to just invite PU members to another server in this fassion. And for this I apologise.

    Evidently, All i can offer is apology and to admit what i did was wrong. As someone who helped build up PU, I never wanted to harm the community. I loved the server and still do, I want to support it in any way possible. My failed attempt at a server has made me remember quite how hard we worked to build this place and compromising that by taking players was wrong. The swrp server that caused all of this has now closed , not that this absolves me of what i did, However i'd like to think of this as a waking up point for myself. I was rather childish to believe i could build a server up and it was outright rather rude to take players from here to achieve that. Now that the community died i see that. Like i say, none of this absolves me of what i did but i'd simply like to request a second chance to do right by the community.


    There isnt really any definitive evidence i can give as to why i should be unbanned, as i admit i did actually do what i was banned for. As i said, all i can really do is apologise to you all here definitively and hope that all i did to build PU and see it build success is evidence enough of my sencerity to this end. While my previous positions within the community should by no means absolve me of what i did, I do hope that they can stand as evidence that i would never want to actually harm PU and i see that what i did was rather stupid and was done with no intention of harm - although evidently, i clearly crossed a line in doing what i did.


    I just hope that those that know me can see this as a sincere appology for whats happened , while that dosent make what i did right I hope that this is enough for you guys to lift my ban and allow me to become a part of the community i love so much once again. If not, I wish you luck in the future with wherever it is the server take you all.


    Many thanks for taking the time to even read this,


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Posted (edited)

Hi Mcbiccies,

After discussion with management we've decided to accept your ban application, we see no potential harm in doing so - and we hope to have you back as a active member of the community.

Thank you for taking your time to write a ban appeal and express your thoughts.

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