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  1. Greetings team, I have plans to do a crossover / time travel ish arc of events, utilising Models from the Old republic, therefore I am requesting that we add the following into our content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600664109 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1321970863 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=536802852 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538272357 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=644663068 I have some good ideas to mix these with t
  2. ilot Vehicle Shop. Allows pilots to customise their ships with upgrades bought with RC such ass: "Engine Upgrades" (increases max speed and acceleration), "Ordinance Pods" (increases Primary and Secondary ammo), "Weapon Tweaks" (increases fire rate), and maybe even one of the most expensive perks a "Reactor Upgrades" (allows both primary and secondary to be fired simultaneously), another upgrade that would cost a lot would be a "Hull Upgrade" (like its name suggests it increases the health of the ship, along with a "Shield Upgrade" (increases max sheilds), and a "Fast Sheild" (increases sheild
  3. so many other servers use Delta Squad or Omega Squad or one of the other clone commandos, so i had the idea that instead of using the normal commandos we could use with the relatively recent release of Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 that we could use Clone Force 99 "The Bad Batch" instead some of their loadouts would be relatively the same as the commandos, however they could have some special custom weapons, Wrecker: would have some form of shotgun (DC-17m shotgun variant maybe?) and would have some sort of explosive, weather that be a rocket launcher or detpacks and would also have either
  4. As stated in the title, I should be given access to the retinal scanners to the brig, seen as I am currently the jedi general of the regiment it seems strange that I am not allowed inside all the areas of the brig considering that is where my regiment is based. That is all
  5. alright so i got to have a look at the lightsabers Event Characters could use... and personally i found it a tad bit..limited and underwhelming , which after having a look i feel like more powers should be added so they would more or less be optimal and survive longer in the instance of combat. Personally i would believe the power of force reflect for each of the sabers would be beneficial for the Jedi/Sith EC, as it completely negates and reflects the damage for a short period of time, meaning that they wont die in the first instance of combat that they would have a greater chance of survivin
  6. As people may or not know I am HP and I have recently joined fleet (just now) but fleet only have access to the LAAT/i meaning I wouldn't be able to do HP my role as HP (training new pilots) it has been discussed with command with no problems of me keeping HP so I am now requesting a licence to give me access to all the ships in the pilot arsenal.
  7. Honestly I never liked this and had to fight to get a compromise to get at least CWO as the highest rank rather than everything above SGT+ (except CO) being wiped out. Regiments are pretty empty, yes, and the idea of filling them is important but people should have the right to choose to remain a CT and have progression if that's how they want to play and form their own character. It's not necessarily about giving CTs specialised things either because that's what regiments are there for and they can still be medics or pilots anyway above SGT. Opening this in a suggestions post becaus
  8. So I was watching https://youtu.be/XH_hZgS5Ig0 and it reminded me that I missed when the whole ship would go up in flames and explosions. Maybe when there's one or both of the EP Sequences, or when all of X (Reactors, Pipes, Hardpoints) are destroyed, maybe it might even be its own EP Sequence, but whatever. Whenever what happens above happens, explosions, screenshake, fire, loud sounds of metal creaking and bending, breaking, crumbling rock, blaring alarms, more screenshake and explosions. Just atmospheric it up, making the base feel like it is made of paper and it is being put th
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2331029867 Has Pogul the Lesser and Wat Tambor
  10. Alright, so hopefully this will be the last post about this topic, this name change and rank structure was approved by fleet and was also approved by command for liking it. So here is the proposed changes: -Change the name of Fleet to Base Command (BC). -Follow new ranking structure Current ranking structure: Base High Command The Admiral. The Rear Admiral Colonel --------------- Commodore Commander Captain --------------- Lieutenant Officer Ensign Proposed new ranking structure: Base High Command BC Director BC Vice Director BC
  11. Hello! This may not come as a shock to people BUT I think the 501st should have something a bit extra to really drive home the fact that it is a INFANTRY regiment. What I propose is this: The 501st get a Specialised class at SGT+ that is a Heavy Trooper kind of like how GM had NOVA's that had Flamethrowers. Name of Class: 501st Heavy Trooper (Simple and to the point ) Health: 250 or 275 Armour: 100 Loadout: Shield T-21 (New Weapon) DC-15a DC-17 DP-23 (I think that's what the shotgun is called?) Model Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles
  12. For many being promoted is kinda boring and doesn't give you that satisfaction that you want. Medals are there as a symbolic way to showcase other troopers the hardship in battle, it will stay with them forever. Medals and Titles are far more desirable then a promotion as the requirements for just one medal or title is immense. Medals High to Low. (Examples, the specifics are not yet determined.) Fordo's Blessing Medallion (Being able to fight back hordes of enemies while the republic are sent back, leaving you alone against hundreds of droids. But yet you prevail.) The Kings G
  13. Initially, ARC was a regimental specialisation with the Attack and Elite Regiments, it was quite popular among people. However, When the request was made for ARC to become its own Regiment, it seemed to Boom, However with the recent inactivity from their current commander, ARC has fallen yet again to something dead with only 1 / 2 members who aren’t the commander themself. Personally, i do believe it is fair time to remove ARC as an elite regiment, to a Attack Regiment ( 212th, 501st) Specialisation, the benefits to this is : Attack Regiments get their own specialisation, what can be cus
  14. I know the original Anaxes one was removed because it was a bit shit and the dumb room with all the buttons on the original map made it easy for minges to get in there and fuck about. Suggesting readding the system with the physical buttons in an area where only EPs can get to if they need to turn it on and the actual system managed by the AI based on base damage (automatically switching it on when necessary) or by the AI commands to active/deactivate it. Just kind of weird having complete silence when there's an attack going on.
  15. In the Jedi skill tree there isn't a skill called meditate there is only the Sith version force hatred, for some reason only temple guides have access to force meditate In there pre built lightsaber, force meditate can be used in passive RP among the Jedi as I don't think we enough passive RP we mostly only kill things. Also if it replaces force hatred in the skill tree it will mean we won't haft to yell at Jedi for using a forbidden power.
  16. So i saw this on another community, and i think it would be pretty cool to have. Obviously I am not an event planner, however, I think this would be good for the whole community as it give sthe event announcements channel some formaty. Something like below would idealy allow EPs to do a command in-game such as !event. This would then promt them to enter all the details listed below, then maybe also add a command to join and leave an event for the event staff such as !joinevent {id}? Or something like that
  17. Can we please have https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1562966111  added to the content. the model code is; models/player/swtor/arsenic/wildocity/wildocity.mdl Bodygroups as: Hood: 1 Head: 1 This makes the model look like the right This is as I have recently dropped anakin and Council members should really have custom models.
  18. I am not sure if this is possible due to it maybe not having a swep. But I am suggesting if the DC-17 Side arm that is currently in my load out to be changed to a duel version. Before people say that there is no point and that I probably never use it, I have used it on many different occasions and think it would be beneficial to have.
  19. So unless I'm missing a trick here there's no way of opening MHB, SHB or main gate without being a CE, Fleet, MCO or BG as even the main gate buttons require AI access. Suggest removing the AI requirement from the button interface and adding similar buttons for SHB and MHB incase we aren't around to open it. Not likely you'll be missing every single kind of person who can open it but it's definitely possible.
  20. This lets EPs allow CE to repair comms towers at the beginning of missions or even hack into a comms tower to let comms be activated. this also means mid way through a mission the comms can be destroyed and CE will need to repair them or find another comms tower to hijack.
  21. I'm pretty sure that I suggested this on the old forums but I think it would be nice to make bomb defusals more than just interacting with them and then standing there waiting for them to be defused. Maybe adding some kind of small defusal minigame that can be scaled to have different difficulty levels but the core concept of the minigame would remain the same (extra layers or something). This would mean CE would play a more active role when dealing with these situations and requires them to learn how to defuse properly. EDIT: You could either go the traditional route of cutting wi
  22. Short explanation. We go to a NPC, choose a certain task like; protect a cargo, kill all these droids in this area, group up to raid this dungeon, kill this boss etc. For credits or other stuff. In depth explanation. There would probably be certain levels of difficulty such as a boss raid being way to hard for one person to do and so they are forced to group up with 5 or more players to kill it. None of these tasks are being set up by any EP's but just the addon/coding so it lets the EP have more freedom of doing the main events that are planned. It could expand into a whole sy
  23. Finds the average health between everyone in the sim and sets everyones hp to that obviously making things more fare
  24. I figured making this thread in this way would make it easier for Alydus and Pete to sort through the map edits, insted of 50+ different topics Moving on, I think a bigger Generator room would be needed, and a Turbo laser battery (functional or not) would be a good touch, since the main way we get attacked is Munis, It makes since for our base to have Turbo laser defenses, to shoot down said ships. I'll update this as I get more ideas, and others please post yours in the comments, so its easier on Alydus and Pete
  25. So to give context, this suggestion is for the discord Basically my suggestion is to make or combine channels to create a channel where commanders can announce trainings and other activites for their regiment(s), to ensure that they dont clash with events This would be helpful as it means that when commanders have trainings planned (like ARC) they dont have to worry about needing to re-arange them once its been announced in the new channel, so EPs know when not to do an event My original idea is to add it to the Tryout Announcement Channel, but id like to see you guys's ideas.
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