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Found 18 results

  1. Name: Popkorn Rank: ARC 2LT Reason for LOA: Going on holiday LOA Duration: 26/07/2020 to 12/08/2020
  2. I am on annual leave 7th August 2020 to the 21st August 2020, I will be intermittently available on Discord but will not be able to do my usual duties. Thanks.
  3. Bruh

    Robin's LOA

    Name: Robin Reason For LOA: Tomorrow we're most likely going to be putting my pet down and I don't know if i will be able to write this after it. I know the server is dead rn but i'm not sure if i will even feel better again when it's up again. Length Of LOA: Until i feel like I can handle this. Other Notes: You're all incredible people so the server will probably help a lot when it comes back. I look forward to it.
  4. Name: Unseen Rank: Battalion General / Jedi Knight Reason for LOA: Going on holiday LOA Duration: 11/07/2020 to 18/07/2020 (1 week) Other Notes: Possibly available on Discord depending on Internet quality / mobile data signal strength Also don't let Alydus steal all of the bananas See you all soon.
  5. due to the ship breaking down I have now just set sail therefore I am adjusting my LOA i will now be away until the 15/7/2020 - Apologies to all however this issue is out of my control
  6. Starting date: Today / Tomorrow. (Depends on how much work is left to finish) Length: About a week. Any specific Reasons?: Family vacation. Notes?: Still available on discord and other platforms such as forums and steam but won't be able to use VC or go onto the server.
  7. Name: Sir Water Reason For LOA: deleting Gmod to free up space for other games Length Of LOA: most likely 2 weeks or so Other Notes: i just wanna play some different games recently and feel burned out from SWRP will still be active on discord but almost nothing on Gmod, main reason is because Gmod takes up more than 200GB a 20% of my SSD and i dont want to have it on there if i cant be motivated
  8. Rank: 212th Pilot MajorStart: 23/06/2020End: 6/07/2020Reason: Lots of College work, end of year and stuff that has more priority over the server right now
  9. Name: Plasma Reason For LOA: Going Cross-Country to attend a funeral. Duration Of LOA: 10/07/20 - 15/07/20 Other Notes: Available on Discord
  10. Name: Water Reason For LOA: PC Problems, Getting My RAM RMA'ed Because It's Suddenly Starting To Fail Duration Of LOA: Unknown Most Likley A Week Or More, Sould Be No More Than A Month Other Notes: Still Will Be Active On The Discord And Maybe From Time To Time On The Gmod Server Because My PC Can Only Run Smaller And Older Games That Means No Seige ;-;
  11. Name: Tesco LOA Duration: 1 week Reason for LOA: Dont feel good enough at the moment Other notes: I probably wont be very active on discord
  12. Rank: Jedi KnightStart: 25/06/2020End: 02/07/2020Reason: Very unmotivated to play and going to small trips with my family
  13. Rank: ARC SSGT IpatsuStart: 23/06/2020End: 26/06/2020Reason: Going to my summer cottage
  14. Leaving home for a month or more. I'll try to be active in discord if possible.
  15. Bruh

    Robin's LOA

    Name: Robin Reason For LOA: I'm quite busy with other things and when i do have time to play i don't feel very motivated to do so at the moment. Duration Of LOA: 4-7 days at most. Other Notes: I might get on the server just to see if i wanna end the LOA early or no.
  16. Name: Izzy Reason For LOA: Being dragged to a vacation Duration Of LOA: As much as I know, it should be about a week or two, I literally don't know the exact duration. Other Notes: Most likely still gonna be active on discord since, y'know, I normally wouldn't really be on LOA at all and this will probably only give me more free time as I won't be having any lessons or going to workshop, tennis practices and such. This might sound like it's written by a 10 year old that just learned how to list things, I did wake up at 1 pm and my first thought was "why don't I practice some Japanese?" Anyway, see ya'll in game once I come back, yeah?
  17. Rank: 2LT / Knight / Council Member Start: 12/06/2020 End: Unkown - Estimating at MOST a couple weeks Reason: With all these changes coming I need to decide what i want to do within this community. The changes, no fault of anyone involved in them, have deadlocked me into a set place that I am unsure if i wish to remain in. My original plan when leaving the admiral was to go for 501st ARC; Clearly there is 0 point in that now and im not really keen on working under the elite or defensive MCOs (Nothing personal i just dont get on well with robin at the best of times and me and plasma tend to butt heads a lot). So clearly you can deduce from that im deadlocked into 501st and 212th, neither of whom are all that appealing right now due to the lack of a specalisation im keen on their dependance on LFS Vehicles of witch many of you know just dont function correctly for me. Therefore im taking a break. From Gmod as a whole pretty much. For the last 6 months I poured my time, finances, energy and passion purley into this one server. PU is my baby. Obviously as one of the people that helped keep it going during billys absense im not just gonna abandon the community however i dont have a drive to play on the server anymore. I Hoped mabey the base change would get my hyped but alas , I still dont really have any motivations going forward. Ill try and do an event every now and again but id rather do less events and have them be quality than do shitty events. I know this sounds kina like a goodbye xD and a long arse LOA explanation. But I just want to make sure i've made it clear so ill be blunt here. Im taking a break because for the past 6 months streight I Have poured my mind, body, soul and bank account into the server and im at a stage where i feel ... alientated ? i dont think thats the right word but whatever. I just feel like the community has grown beyond what I ever expected (And props to billy and alydus for doing that) and I think i need to reflect on what i personally want to do. I love PU, Like i said, but i feel like i mabey need to say goodbye for a while before i get a bad taste from it all. See you soon guys
  18. Rank: SGT/Jedi Knight Start: Friday End: Sunday Reason: Going to dads house no PC there
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