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  1. So this has been overdue for almost a solid MONTH but well I quite litterly have not had time to write this up, I'm working a new job thats 12-16 hours a day, with a 3 hour commute, so almost all of my time at home is spent sleeping. Rank: 501st EXO/ Trial Event Planner Name: Atomic Duration: I, actaully dont know when Ill be able to return, due to how my time off works (I dont get any unless I ask for it, and theres like a whole form and stuff)
  2. Name: Wolf Rank: Fleet Colonel Wolf Duration: Unknown Really, Could be a few days or even weeks at this rate. Reason: Welp, for some reason whenever I get onto Gmod, and in general, my internet just seems to die. I get 800+ Ping. I've tried everything, even asked to get a new internet provider and all. I'll keep you lot updted.
  3. Due to once again the almighty overlords wanting to deploy us yet again, I sadly have to put an LOA in. The deployment will be roughly a month, maybe less however for the sake of the LOA I will be off for 1 month unless stated otherwise from 7/02/21 - 7/03/21 In my absence from 501st EXO, the CO scooby will still hopefully be available for the duration of my LOA, however I may still be able to attend meetings and edit the spreadsheet if required. (depending if we go out of signal range) As usual everyone will be missed and I will look forward to coming back home to dump another many hou
  4. Name: Scooby. Rank: 501st T CO. Duration: 26.02.2021 - 29.02.2021 (upcoming weekend). Reason: Personal matters.
  5. Name: Unseen / Fate Rank: Battalion General / Jedi Master Reason for LOA: PC repairs LOA Duration: 02/02/2021 - 09/02/2021 (1 week) (hopefully) Other Notes: Fed up of blue screens at this point so sending back for a check over. I'll be on Discord if you need me though, don't worry.
  6. Rank: 501st private / jedi Padawan Name: Kratus / biccies / charlie / heavy Duration: I dont even know at this stage to be real with yall, I'll be transparent though. The ultimate reason behind this is I need time to decide what I want my relationship with PU to be going forward. The server isnt the same one I left when my PC broke and I feel its changed for the worst. My main concerns are regarding player counts and just the general growing toxicity within the community. Of course those things are all my opinion from my point of view. I've matured a lot since September and I just
  7. Name- Jesus Rank- 212th SFC/Jedi Initiate. Duration- I honestly have no idea but no more than a week (7 days). Reason- I just really need a break from everything right now haha. My reasons are personal to me and my life. I don't know if I'm forgetting something so I'm going to leave it there. Have a good one guys!
  8. To be honest i am just really burnt out of the server. I was on like everyday before and now i feel myself forcing myself to get on. To be honest i just am not really finding the server that fun anymore. I am gunna take a week off till the 15th of Feb and see if i enjoy the server again. Alright see you guys in a week.
  9. NAME: Plasma RANK: Defensive Marshall Commander REASON FOR LOA: Inability to remain on server. LOA DURATION: Indeterminate, until I can rebuild my PC, fully. NOTES: I am capable of joining, but at random intervals I will lose connection and be unable to reconnect to said server for up to 1 hour. It is Garry's Mod-wide.
  10. Name: Popkorn Rank: 2nd LT Reason: burnt out of the server. Time: 1-2 weeks
  11. Name: Blackout Rank: WO2 Reason: Gotta send in my computer for repairs. Time: Probably around 1-2 weeks
  12. Name: Heavy / (idk what my jedi is called) Rank: private I think ? / jedi master Reason: my computer is in parts and will not turn on. Big fuck up on my end. I'm working on getting a cheaper gaming pc for now so I can atleast run gmod again but were looking at February time if not late late janurary. Return: early Feb / late january Notes:
  13. Name: Scooby Rank: SFC Duration: Few days (it depends) Reason: Reinstalling gmod mods. Other notes: still active in discord.
  14. Name: Asriel Rank: 212th CO Reason: Lack of motivation, general burnout with Garry's Mod Duration: 1-2 weeks
  15. I should’ve posted this weeks ago, alas I forgot. Name: Billy Rank: ARC CO/ GM Reason: Personal Duration: a time cannot be estimated for this other notes: I’ll still be around periodically when I can, just dm me on discord if you need anything.
  16. (I am posting this on blackjack's behalf due to him not being able to access the forums) Name: BlackJack Rank: PVT / Knight (212th) Reason for LOA: Going to dad's house LOA Duration: 11/01/21 - 17/01/21 Other Notes: No
  17. Name: Sev/ Echo Rank: SGT Reason: Just getting burnt out Duration: 09/1/21 to 15/1/21
  18. Name: Chad Rank: Major / Knight Reason for LOA: Burnedout LOA Duration: 10/01/2021 - 18/01/2021 Other Notes: No
  19. Name: Ogre/Boss Rank: 2nd LT Reason: burnt out of the server and just want a break as well as to catch up on school work I've missed Duration: from today to 13/01/2020 Edit: Added that the LOA started today just incase
  20. Name: Jesus Rank: CT 2LT (The coolest of cool) Reason: Not really having fun on the server anymore so Imma take some time to play other things and hang out with close friends more often. Duration: From today till 11/01/2021 Hope you guys enjoy yourselves!
  21. Name: Unseen Rank: Battalion General / Jedi Master Reason for LOA: Burnout Paradise (I'm burnt out at the moment, get it) LOA Duration: 11/01/2021 - 18/01/2021 (1 week) Other Notes: Playing some other games, doing something different for a bit, generally just need a break from this.
  22. Name: Blobzilla Rank: SSGT Reason for LOA: just not having fun anymore LOA Duration: idk how long
  23. Name: SiccSefen Rank: CG CWO Reason: Not really enjoying anaxes and a bit burnt out. Lockdown putting me in a pretty low place Duration: Honestly not sure, but i hope to see you all soon. Other Info: Love you all
  24. Cud

    Cuds LOA

    Name: Cud Rank: Admiral / Jedi Master Of The Order Reason: Well to speak honestly i am kind burnt out out of Gmod... and i dont think with how my current mental state is.. that it'd be optimal for me to be on Duration: 2 weeks at most Other Info: i only just noticed you can change colours.. so this is in pink now , and i will be happy to answer questions if DM'd
  25. Name: Zephyr Rank: CT WO1 Reason: Exam Stress etc. Return: Not until I can everything sorted Notes: N/A
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