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  1. Once again permission from Cud as they were too lazy- I mean didn't want to make this post themselves. I don't know if scanners support licences or if it's just jobs but I would like to suggest adding a licence or job for MOTO (sounds weird coming from me right?) and a licence for Jedi Council members to show they are council members (even if it ends up just being cosmetic) which would allow them to open the council room. Right now the council room allows any master to just walk in (which is actually arrestable) so I thought it would be more RP friendly to allow only members to open
  2. Being delta squad had been all i have wanted to be since we were back on the Venator and i finally passed the tryout this week. But since then, baring in mind i have only been in delta for a few days, i have nearly been arrested three times for using my grapple hook. I mean Sev was taking part in a PvP sim with Robin, Jesus, Tesco and I, and then when he died he did what i have seen people with grapple hooks do, he grappled up to a window to see what was happening in there. But that was too much for CG. so they arrested him. I think this is stupid. We aren't annoying anyone with them we are li
  3. I have permission from Cud to make this suggestion and it may not go down well with everyone but here we go anyway. I'd like to propose allowing medics to use their bacta tanks to restore past 100 armour for applicable people (such as Jedi) who spawn with more than 100 armour. Right now there's no way to replace that much armour without capping at 100 when a medic uses their bacta on you or just respawning.
  4. Right, i have no issue with Delta Squad, and when a server is thriving with activity and server population, they should be a thing. However, we all know what the current state of the server is, we aren't growing at the moment.. and in my personal opinion I dont believe we might be in the near future. I have talked with multiple members of Delta Squad on this issue and got their thoughts on the matter. The Issue with Delta Squad Currently (in my opinion) I have no issue with the current standing Delta Squad, and they are all fine people. However, With the addition to grimmock
  5. Alright, so hopefully this will be the last post about this topic, this name change and rank structure was approved by fleet and was also approved by command for liking it. So here is the proposed changes: -Change the name of Fleet to Base Command (BC). And have this ranking structure: Base High Command BC Director BC Vice Director BC Colonel ------------- BC Brigadier BC Major BC Captain BC Lieutenant BC 2nd Lieutenant BC Officer Hopefully everyone likes and agrees to these changes and we wont have to think about this again, cheers.
  6. Hey, CG Command, Lawrance here. Is CG really useful in emergencies regarding the protection of VIPs? The answer is n o. In case of an emergency, such as DEFCON 1, CG are tasked with evacuating with fleet. Now, you can already see the problem. Unless a CG is pilot trained, all we can do is literally just follow the VIPs to a vehicle which any fleet can literally spawn. Let me rephrase it this way; our jobs can most literally be done by those who we are supposed to protect and they can do it better in most cases. This also doesn't touch on the case of if a VIP is down during the e
  7. Alright, I know this post has been done before but it said that it can be made again when amended. So I propose that Fleet is changed to Base Command and below the ranking structure has been updated and changed based of feedback of the last post adding in the 2 ranks that we had originally planned to remove. Another point of complaint with the past post is that other servers don't have this and use fleet, and to that I say that just because other people do it doesn't mean we have to, or what your mother would say "if your mates jumped off a cliff would you jump too". My final point for logic
  8. Have the grey uniform changed to be put on the current ranks of Captain, Commander and Commodore and have the navy uniform put on the ranks of Ensign, Officer and Lieutenant. The reason I am posting this is because I believe the grey uniform looks like a better uniform for the higher ups to have and for the navy uniform for the lower ranks to have.
  9. Hey, CG Command, Lawrance here. Is CG really useful in emergencies regarding the protection of VIPs? The answer is n o. In case of an emergency, such as DEFCON 1, CG are tasked with evacuating with fleet. Now, you can already see the problem. Unless a CG is pilot trained, all we can do is literally just follow the VIPs to a vehicle which any fleet can literally spawn. Let me rephrase it this way; our jobs can most literally be done by those who we are supposed to protect and they can do it better in most cases. This also doesn't touch on the case of if a VIP is down durin
  10. Addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727161410&searchtext=witcher+gates The reason i want this to be added is due to the fact that the teleporters we have are very slow and can only be used once every game/round. For some having to wait for the rest of the people to do their stuff is quite shit. This will be used on open SIMs, PVP FFA, Fun Activites, without having to wait. It is also very easy to use.
  11. right, so today i've been having a talk with Pac & Blob about Pilot Squads. We came to the conclusion of the standard Pilot license being changed to the LAAT/C and the LAAT/I once the Pilots were proven competent enough, Pilot Command can then train said pilots with the standard licenses into one of two other separate licenses Fighter License ; this would grant Pilots to be able to use the ARC-170 and be slotted into a Fighter Squadron Known as " Razor Squadron " Bomber License ; this would grand the Pilots access to the Y-Wing Bomber, so they can perform bombing run
  12. There's no coding that goes into this, just a simple rule; Don't shoot incursionists with your OP Military grade rocket launcher. Yesterday I was locked on to by a rocket as SOON as I deployed, it tracked on to me right as my vulture deployed and even when I was cloaked, the thing hit me as soon as the cloak ended 1 shotting me. Today, I got shot 2 times with a rocket launcher, (just mentioning I'd have over 1.1k HP) and it 2 shot me with the rockets. I don't know why this isn't common knowledge already, but I'm sure many people agree that it ruins the fun, and especia
  13. So, a little while ago some super high quality CGI Astromech droids were released, supposedly with animations and stuff. I thought they would be a good replacement for the droids we have right now, CGI would fit in way better. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2281582165
  14. Can't add medic licence to ARC due to their ARC pilot licence (ARC gets always trained as pilots) and we used to have an ARC Medic job.
  15. @Pacwas talking about this but then didnt really go anywhere. If we used an event server where troops would move towards a certain location and walk into something and it connects them to the event server. The event server would allow specific regimental missions and training. Also it would allow multiple regiments to work together on certain missions/trainings.
  16. Well, i think that the Pilot model that was also used back on venator i think, is a little bit... boring? I mean, i have seen that there are some Bodygroups with Kama and Straps. It would be nice to have it, just to make it more interesting (it is for SGT+ model ofcourse) Also there seems to be a problem with the second model we (that is 501st) got with the license update, the "models/reizer_cgi_p2/501_arf2/501_arf2.mdl" is missing, its just an Error to me. I'he checked the content pack and i have every addon installed so it might be a mod out of the pack.
  17. right, so i had a talk with the rest of fleet about what we feel like we should become on Fort Anaxes and we came to the conclusion of overall being Base Operations / Command , we also agreed on the how the ranking structure should work, and we agreed on changing the ranking structure to : (as Main Command) Field Marshal Lieutenant General Brigadier General ------------------------------ (Lower Command) Captain Lieutenant Second Lieutenant and then Officer Cadet we did decide to shorten it down from what we had on ship , as we felt like there was too many ranks to work up an
  18. So, I've noticed that when I'm in combat and in relatively close quarters with droids, I can't do anything when I need to reload my weapon(s). Perhaps we could have fists in our loadouts to give each trooper one last chance to save themselves when they run out of ammo? Would also give troopers a way to spar with one another without killing each other. :)
  19. Could here be a command for checking the time left before you can harvest the crystal rather than having to go all the way there and trying to break the crystal? Or even a message when you switch to a jedi job that tells you how long you have left or if the crystal is ready to be harvested again?
  20. So, I asked about this particular model like, 4ish months or so ago I don't exactly recall. I remember getting confirmation but it was never added to the content or pick-able models in game, so I assume it just got overlooked, but no biggie. I'm just here to slap this here and see the reactions on me running around as this Jedi model, and thoughts on if I can get it or not (Cud told me to do this) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1257774910
  21. I just noticed on the Status Information board that It says "Medics Onboard: 0" although i am a medic online. This is most likely due to the new license system. And if you can't see medics on the information board, i assume you can't see Pilots either (not tested).
  22. So nearly every regiment has a vehicle they can patrol, attack in, ect and CG is left all alone. So this amazing LFS ship allows us to transport prisoners, escort command staff and other things. *I got Izza's Permission.* https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1975458641
  23. Curren't Forcefields work by dealing damage if you are inside it however I think we should change it to 2 different types of forcefields. As well as this the following shapes of forcefields should be useable. - Sphere (what we have now) - Wall (Big rectangle) Ray Shields: - Does no damage if you are inside however the perimeter of the Ray Shield is impossible to walk through. - Bullets and projectiles cannot pass through the Ray Shield - Is Red. - Disabled via hackable terminal Forcefield: - Insta Kills if you touch perimeter like blue fire pipes on ship (no more takin
  24. I got @IzzyWoop permission. Would be nice to have another box in the arrest reason hud that lets you add a time section into it? Not essential but just a nice feature.
  25. weapon upgrades like the thingy that you can buy stuff with credits like increased runspeed have another thin beside it that allows you to buy weapon upgrades like scopes, suppressors longer barrel, shorter ect ect i just want to have a DC-15A with a scope a longer barrel and an suppresor would be awsome tbh i dont want to join shadow just to get a sniper rifle that i want PLS ADD
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