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  1. Since it is a very strong sniper licence and I like the idea of having a licence for it since I consider it a piece of specialized equipment.
  2. alright so this has been the second time an incursionist has got to fuck off with Shaak Ti's ship, and apparently she doesn't even have pilot keys so... give it so purple can no longer fucking give incursionists free Deltas ¬.¬
  3. EPs used to be able to whitelist cadets to CT and since it was removed it has been a real pain to wait for staff members to I don't think that there would be any problems with adding this back. Obviously this should only be used when there are no staff on the server.
  4. I am sure everyone has heard about the issue of Grapple hook abuse that has been coming from Delta Squad. The way that I propose we solve this issue is by making a grapple license so that when it comes to punishments, myself or Boss can have it taken off them. I'm sure you all will agree but leave feedback and let me know. Cheers.
  5. THIS POST HAS BEEN APPROVED BY: CG CO Lawrence CG EXO Jarno Battalion General Unseen Fleet Admiral Tesco Hello all, I was recently speaking to some people who suggested restarting Honour Guard, I got the ball rolling and yesterday we finalised Honour Guard. I know I’m one for writing many paragraphs, but I will try to keep it short. Honour Guard will be a HAND-PICKED specialisation for CG, available for all troopers from Enlisted up to Commissioned Officer, its primary goal is personnel protection, which will allow normal CG to continue
  6. Normally we don't spawn with any of the republic store items but going into the suite and out as a Jedi gives all binoculars that you own, the fire extinguisher and the camera. The weapons and grenades obviously aren't given but it's a little weird.
  7. Don't assign this mission to members of high command (BG/MCOs) or commanders/executive officers of regiments. Yes, you can dismiss it but that's not the point.
  8. well on the venator we had a games room, with chess, checkers , gambling... so...can we have one in the basemap? i mean we have a unused room on deck 2 what we can use so uh ynow.. thoughts or somethin?
  9. We have a document about the base clearances, but we dont have any indication on base, about the bases clearance.. so i am putting this here to ask for a clearance indicators in the CR Room, and the actual indicators on the wall, so it's easier for everyone to know where they can and cannot go
  10. for the love of god it hurts, dear god my eyes, it hurts.. oh lord stop the redness, it hurts please
  11. Bit annoying for Fleet I imagine as well so this could be a useful change.
  12. Can I get the model "models/lt_c/sci_fi/humans/female_zoey.mdl" removed and have it replaced with: "models/lt_c/sci_fi/humans/male_04.mdl" with the following bodygroups: Beret 3 epaulettes 6 ribbons 3 headset 4 hands 1
  13. Hello! Arresting someone works perfectly fine. However, we cannot unarrest people by normal means, staff have to do it as with commands. CG cannot unarrest people when we should be able to. Hopefully, this gets fixed soon! I am unsure whether Plasma (DMCO) is able to unarrest. If you need any information I can try to supply it.
  14. New model for CE pilot cus yes SGT models/machine/srsp/19th_pilot_donate_01/19th_pilot_d_01.mdl Kilt - 1 LT models/machine/srsp/19th_pilot_donate_01/19th_pilot_d_01.mdl Shoulder - 1 Kilt - 1
  15. ARU suits at both ends of the corridor for Fleet and MCOs/BG to quickly grab an ARU suit after spawning. One in front of the MHB briefing area if possible too would be nice.
  16. Previewing the Y Wing clips the preview model through the vehicle deployment screen and makes it impossible to press any of the buttons.
  17. I called 2 orbital bombardments in the most recent event on 2 munis and nothing happened.
  18. Sup, I think anyone that has access to vehicles can agree that getting vehicles (Excluding the AT-TE and the AT-RT) is vey difficult and can cause damage to the vehicle...Or destroy it. I So I am suggesting that additional Vehicle Deployment bays be placed elsewhere so vehicles have easy access in and out. Or, you can give us access to the Maintenance Bay so we can deploy vehicles in there. Either way, something should be done about how vehicles can get in and out of the base because right now, it is very tedious and unnecessary. -Ya Boi Jesus
  19. I am making this post because after playing as an incursionist you have to wait 1h 30m. I personally believe that this is far too long of a cool down. The reasons I would say to reduce this is because during the times that there are no events taking place a simple incursionist attack can actually be a lot of fun and gives something for everyone to take part in. I wanna know what everyone thinks about this idea. Cheers.
  20. thats it pretty much just creates this error message on the console [ERROR] lua/includes/util.lua:207: attempt to index local 'object' (a number value) 1. IsValid - lua/includes/util.lua:207 2. Draw - gamemodes/starwarsrp/entities/entities/starwarsrp_base_ammocrate.lua:50 3. unknown - gamemodes/base/entities/entities/base_anim.lua:49 (x68) (edit) there was also this in the console [sam-133] gamemodes/starwarsrp/entities/entities/starwarsrp_base_ammocrate.lua:123: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'selectedAmmoKey' (a nil value) 1. func - gamemodes/starwa
  21. Think it would be better to only show a troopers Highest score on the leader board, currently for example Blackout holds positions 2 though 5 with 4 different scores, and while I'm very happy for him I think it would just look neater if only the highest scores were registered on the board to have a full array of names. Just something I think would look a little better, whether anyone agrees, guess we'll find out.
  22. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2332782456 THEY LOOK MINT
  23. Personally, i do believe that now we are on the Base, we should be granted access to use this Command on the base map. I see this as important as fleet can use it for both on base map events, and for training, i see it alot more harder and much more of a pain in the ass, for fleets primary training in the usage of this command on planetaries, which most of the time end up in the result of the friendly fire and the piling of friendly casualties
  24. I currently have the DC-15x which used to be the old 41st sniper i believe, and considering how we no longer have 41st i would like to swap over to the sniper which Shadow uses, the NT-242c(rw_sw_nt242c). It does do more damage but has a way lower fire rate which to me makes up for the increase in damage.
  25. in my opinion the landing strip feels kind of bare right now with lots of open space, so in my opinion it would be cool if we could get some like ARC-170s or like Y-Wings perma propped in like rows because it is a landing strip so I feel it would fit and make it look more active the landing strip and less bare.
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