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  1. This lets EPs allow CE to repair comms towers at the beginning of missions or even hack into a comms tower to let comms be activated. this also means mid way through a mission the comms can be destroyed and CE will need to repair them or find another comms tower to hijack.
  2. Finds the average health between everyone in the sim and sets everyones hp to that obviously making things more fare
  3. So i saw this on another community, and i think it would be pretty cool to have. Obviously I am not an event planner, however, I think this would be good for the whole community as it give sthe event announcements channel some formaty. Something like below would idealy allow EPs to do a command in-game such as !event. This would then promt them to enter all the details listed below, then maybe also add a command to join and leave an event for the event staff such as !joinevent {id}? Or something like that
  4. as far as i know pilots don't receive any credits when they destroy enemy ships and bomb ground forces, this means pilots miss out of a large amount of credits. If it would be possible to give credits for aircraft and ground force kills then big woop, if not
  5. So nearly every regiment has a vehicle they can patrol, attack in, ect and CG is left all alone. So this amazing LFS ship allows us to transport prisoners, escort command staff and other things. *I got Izza's Permission.* https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1975458641
  6. Title is self-explanatory, Shadow should loose the ability to use things when cloaked, it means they can bypass droids placed around key points in events.
  7. right, so i had a talk with the rest of fleet about what we feel like we should become on Fort Anaxes and we came to the conclusion of overall being Base Operations / Command , we also agreed on the how the ranking structure should work, and we agreed on changing the ranking structure to : (as Main Command) Field Marshal Lieutenant General Brigadier General ------------------------------ (Lower Command) Captain Lieutenant Second Lieutenant and then Officer Cadet we did decide to shorten it down from what we had on ship , as we felt like there was too many ranks to work up an
  8. Curren't Forcefields work by dealing damage if you are inside it however I think we should change it to 2 different types of forcefields. As well as this the following shapes of forcefields should be useable. - Sphere (what we have now) - Wall (Big rectangle) Ray Shields: - Does no damage if you are inside however the perimeter of the Ray Shield is impossible to walk through. - Bullets and projectiles cannot pass through the Ray Shield - Is Red. - Disabled via hackable terminal Forcefield: - Insta Kills if you touch perimeter like blue fire pipes on ship (no more takin
  9. So to give context, this suggestion is for the discord Basically my suggestion is to make or combine channels to create a channel where commanders can announce trainings and other activites for their regiment(s), to ensure that they dont clash with events This would be helpful as it means that when commanders have trainings planned (like ARC) they dont have to worry about needing to re-arange them once its been announced in the new channel, so EPs know when not to do an event My original idea is to add it to the Tryout Announcement Channel, but id like to see you guys's ideas.
  10. *Talking on Discord* So I'm going to- FUCKING THRUSTERS Please lower the volume of thrusters on the V-Wing it's so damn loud
  11. Can we please have https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1562966111  added to the content. the model code is; models/player/swtor/arsenic/wildocity/wildocity.mdl Bodygroups as: Hood: 1 Head: 1 This makes the model look like the right This is as I have recently dropped anakin and Council members should really have custom models.
  12. I am not sure if this is possible due to it maybe not having a swep. But I am suggesting if the DC-17 Side arm that is currently in my load out to be changed to a duel version. Before people say that there is no point and that I probably never use it, I have used it on many different occasions and think it would be beneficial to have.
  13. I figured making this thread in this way would make it easier for Alydus and Pete to sort through the map edits, insted of 50+ different topics Moving on, I think a bigger Generator room would be needed, and a Turbo laser battery (functional or not) would be a good touch, since the main way we get attacked is Munis, It makes since for our base to have Turbo laser defenses, to shoot down said ships. I'll update this as I get more ideas, and others please post yours in the comments, so its easier on Alydus and Pete
  14. I got @IzzyWoop permission. Would be nice to have another box in the arrest reason hud that lets you add a time section into it? Not essential but just a nice feature.
  15. I cannot make a reason for my reaction on Foxtrot's EP app and yeah idk if this is the same for staff apps as nobody has applied for staff yet.
  16. So it would be cool to have like a button next to someone's name on the Regiments page that says something like "Remove Whitelist" and staff can click it and just you know remove said persons' whitelist.
  17. Automatically unclaim a vehicle bay if it hasn't been interacted with for say 2 or 3 minutes perhaps. Really annoying when people forget to unclaim their vehicle bays and would make sense to add. (Also a nice little message when it is unclaimed over the AI system with who owned the vehicle deloyment bay)
  18. In this topic I will describe how to create a good suggestion, however the rules are as follows: Before posting a suggestion for your regiment/collection of jobs (e.g. Jedi, CG or 501st), it must be passed by the command of your regiment, and we suggest you discuss it with your regiment, this helps suggestions go smoother and less people's time is wasted. If you are suggesting new models for a job you must include the model path e.g. 'model/player/104tharc.mdl', if you are suggesting bodygroup changes, you must only include the bodygroups which have changed from the default (not 0)
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