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  1. Name: Asriel Rank: 212th CO Reason: Lack of motivation, general burnout with Garry's Mod Duration: 1-2 weeks
  2. So, I've noticed that when I'm in combat and in relatively close quarters with droids, I can't do anything when I need to reload my weapon(s). Perhaps we could have fists in our loadouts to give each trooper one last chance to save themselves when they run out of ammo? Would also give troopers a way to spar with one another without killing each other. :)
  3. With the unfortunate removal of GM, the grenade launcher doesn't have a regiment it's assigned to. It would make sense to add it to 212th as it's the heavy weapons attack regiment, and would fit in as an anti-infantry weapon as the RPS-6 is only permitted to be used on tanks, ships, and units like droidekas and spider droids.
  4. I'm thinking (like I said in the discord) an AT-TE or vehicle repair bay where we can have a vehicle deployment station that's covered by the hangar rather than being outside in full view of any ships. Could use this for passiveRP as well.
  5. +1, super annoying when people leave vehicle bays claimed and have gone across the map
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