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  1. Name: Chad Rank: Major / Knight Reason for LOA: Burnedout LOA Duration: 10/01/2021 - 18/01/2021 Other Notes: No
  2. +1 but why does everyone want PILOT KEYS!!!!!
  3. -1 Negative Support You don't like mine. I am pathetic and now don't like yours. I mean I think the stun gun and access to CG bunks is a bug as you should already have had that but ship key why?
  4. +1 - Support All jokes aside please keep the forums a place for serious discussions.
  5. @Pacwas talking about this but then didnt really go anywhere. If we used an event server where troops would move towards a certain location and walk into something and it connects them to the event server. The event server would allow specific regimental missions and training. Also it would allow multiple regiments to work together on certain missions/trainings.
  6. +1 In Agreement. Models look clean and fit in with other regimental models.
  7. But it wont be like that i'd assume the command would simple or even simpler than the ep commands in-game. But the countdown that can be done through the bot as well if i am not wrong, the bot can send scheduled messages depending on the time that was set for the event, all the eps would have to do is just add the image or video to IMGUI and just paste the link in? Well this is how I invision the bot, but I really dont know how it will work, but id assume something reletivly something like that.
  8. 1 No need to take the piss, if you have nothing else related dont add it. 2 Its the point of having it, do we need wifi well most of us no. The command would allow us to 'Show off' to new people in the server and new players might even stay because of this extra content.
  9. But its the point of making everyones life easier
  10. We are moving to the base are we not
  11. So i saw this on another community, and i think it would be pretty cool to have. Obviously I am not an event planner, however, I think this would be good for the whole community as it give sthe event announcements channel some formaty. Something like below would idealy allow EPs to do a command in-game such as !event. This would then promt them to enter all the details listed below, then maybe also add a command to join and leave an event for the event staff such as !joinevent {id}? Or something like that
  12. +1 Troopers get credits for killing droids so tbh I think it is quite justified.
  13. It would be quite nice for something like debrief, just before the end (e.g. during the last PTS) command can spawn them so troopers can just goto the hangar bay.
  14. So i saw this on another community they have an AI of some sort that certain ranks (e.g. fleet, mcos, ect) can do something like "/c AI, Prepare LAATs" and it will spawn a laat for the correct player count, I personally think this would be cool to have?
  15. Also maybe add like a forcefeild instead of iron bars?
  16. Add doors to these in the brig staff room thing? Add a glass screen here like in Solo movie at the space port (https://img.chadf.co.uk/img/EgBn.png)? Maybe make this just one staircase from top to bottom? A smoke condensor entity that when damaged/destroyed thats when smoke is in the engine room? (just a though not sure completely how it would work) Add another door to the right of the office? Add the door back?
  17. well yes they are gunships (ships) so it would theoretically fall under jurisdiction of the Head Pilot, but if the reason for deploying the vehicle was a Military Police reasoning (e.g. transporting prisoners) I think that would be under jurisdiction of Security Personnel.
  18. We dont follow lore completely so i don't think that is relevant. Its not a normal LAAT as this one (if accepted) would most likely (cant say as im not the co) be used for prisoner transport. Or for command transport when on-ground (e.g. transporting fleet from the LZ to FOB, if cleared) Would be nice to have some more context instead of just "no"
  19. Chad

    Alydus LOA

    Have a nice time
  20. Maybe something like hide nd' seak or something like barc speeders but with ARCs and you fly inside of hoops or something?
  21. Yeah i'd say restrict it to SGT+ but @IzzyWoop can decide or whomever? Also personally as a high ranking CG i would try and use it as much as i can.
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