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  1. Greetings team, I have plans to do a crossover / time travel ish arc of events, utilising Models from the Old republic, therefore I am requesting that we add the following into our content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=600664109 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1321970863 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=536802852 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=538272357 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=644663068 I have some good ideas to mix these with t
  2. I am returning as I type this. Thus my LOA is complete, all hail the international cock or ball god
  3. Due to once again the almighty overlords wanting to deploy us yet again, I sadly have to put an LOA in. The deployment will be roughly a month, maybe less however for the sake of the LOA I will be off for 1 month unless stated otherwise from 7/02/21 - 7/03/21 In my absence from 501st EXO, the CO scooby will still hopefully be available for the duration of my LOA, however I may still be able to attend meetings and edit the spreadsheet if required. (depending if we go out of signal range) As usual everyone will be missed and I will look forward to coming back home to dump another many hou
  4. + 1 UMBRA DEMANDS A DUAL HANDED BLADE! For real though more diversity and power in jedi / sith ECs will be more apricated from my point of view
  5. +1 literally nothing more annoying than seeing an incursionist jump in my ship and being unable to do anything about it
  6. Absolutely no consideration needed, Sausage and spam butty with plenty of ketchup, and a nice cup of tea. ABSOLUTE BREAKFAST OF KINGS
  7. +1 If the boss say it good idea it good idea For real though, I agree with having shadow have to work to get their OP equipment
  8. -1 I know we need EPs and all but this just seems too rushed for my liking, its weird because in the start of the app you've mentioned many features and tools an EP can use and gone into a good amount of detail, but then once you've done your plans you've barely included any detail at all Sorry but being an EP requires a lot of effort, something I just don't think you've shown in your app.
  9. As stated in the title, I should be given access to the retinal scanners to the brig, seen as I am currently the jedi general of the regiment it seems strange that I am not allowed inside all the areas of the brig considering that is where my regiment is based. That is all
  10. How about a TTT inspired minigame where 1-3 people are determined as traitors (by you in pm or whatever) and 1 person is a detective, and given better weapons or something, the rest are innocent. You would need to set up some kind of base or something so there is a lot of opportunity for traitors to get kills maybe give them machetes too or something. then simply have it so the traitors have to kill all the innocents and detectives without dying themselves
  11. With a large amount of testing a single clone in effective cover with 60hp and armour and use of the gonk droid to keep ammo stocked up, can kill roughly 3 droid masses alone (30 B1s per mass) with a DC-15s. (albeit with a degree of red on red) So for anyone with worries that you won't be powerful enough, I tested this myself and have got the above results, with a standard weapon, this was tested to assure the community that if played properly you will still be an effective clone if you make sure to maintain a distance of roughly 20m and use cover properly. With this test howe
  12. Thanks furr. That's the idea behind all of this. As much as I love the idea of being an OP clone with a good storyline, doing events like this every so often I think will make a nice change and give the community something different amid the flood of standard events. And yes, taking current feedback into account not all of these events will be railroaded, while I personally don't think there is any issue with having a railroaded event as long as it is done properly, I understand why people may not like this, and so that one single event will likely be the only railroad I make, as it is designe
  13. Thanks for the feedback Pete, and yes, I understand the logistics for these events are going to be astronomical, however I believe though difficult it isn't downright impossible. And I may ask other EPs to help me out in running with ECs and things like that while I just focus on ensuring correct logistics. I'm not afraid of a challenge if it means the community will enjoy my events.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, allow me to respond: While yes I apricate some people may not find it fun, I for one enjoy realism to some degree. And to prevent these events from not being fun, I will to the best of my ability try to balance these events with the clones being given armour to help them out or in certain events giving them optional tasks that may perhaps provide them with additional armour plating and increase their HP, I understand this isn't a lore server by a long shot but I'm not talking about making all these events strictly lore focused, and these events will be comp
  15. Thanks for the feedback, as I mentioned in Cud's comment, I will change the plan of that event, however the original idea was to provide a darker side to events, where clones don't always get victory, as seen in many cases in lore. However if the community don't want this I can always change it to be happier.
  16. Thanks for the constructive criticism Cud, allow me to respond, first of all I understand this will be a logistical nightmare, however I am willing to push myself to make sure those who do die etc, will have their HP set back to my hardcore amount again, after respawn, also I have found that if engaged from a reasonable distance standard B1s have a reasonable accuracy, which will prevent the whole rambo Idea, as I understand it might not be to some people's taste but the idea behind such a mode would mean that just like how you see it in the movies, war is bloody, and that clones are in fact,
  17. Hello community, I was recently toying with the logistics behind making a "hardcore" spin off of an event arc. This would feature "realistic" combat, such as considerably lower health and ammo, as well as weaker droids, this would inspire people to use proper cover and conserve their ammo taking only well aimed shots, as well as engaging from distance as to be outside the droid's effective firing range. For this series, HP for standard clones would be roughly 100, to make us all about a 2-3 shot kill to most droids, or one shot to snipers. HP for B1 droids would be set to 10,
  18. Thank you very much wolf, I do have a passion for well executed plans and hopefully I will impress the community and my superiors with my ability to come up with and deploy the events I (admittedly early) have already started to draft, I'll admit im not one for shorter events and with me being on ship and unable to play I have no issues with making a plan and giving available EPs it to run with following proper briefing, I believe this will be a good option for my potential future as an EP due to my frequent deployments etc, so should I make it i would be happy to assist other EPs with plannin
  19. In-Game Name Shadow CWO Purple / Jedi master Shaak Ti / Astromech B0-N3 Age 21 Timezone GMT Current Playtime on CWRP 4 days 1 hour Founder of the Community Billy Creator of the Gamemode used on CWRP Alydus Staff Member Yes Previous Staff Member No Previous Staff Member Retire Reason
  20. +1 It's beyond lame waiting for EPs to come online throughout the day and having to wait an hour and a half to add something interesting for everyone to do, there's only so much passive RP you can do
  21. +1 I like the idea to be fair, having some awards given out in de-briefs would make a nice little addition to the incredibly regimented way that they work, plus if somehow the developers manage to implement a physical medal onto your player model it would be incredibly cool just to have a little addition to your character's backstory. Also with additional ideas from the community there could be awards for every playstyle, for example: I'm not brilliant with titles but here are just some ideas for awards For the CE regiment there could be a medal awarde
  22. + 1 support Seems more realistic to have army based ranks rather than fleet running a ground base. Possible names: High command Commissioned officers Ground command Just suggestions for the community, I do personally dislike the idea of having fleet running a surface unit. Doesn't make sense and I get other servers do this but that doesn't mean we have to do what they do! Also I'm torn between the rank changes in terms of the shortened tree, In one sense I like it because it would give (fleet) more to look forward to on joining as there
  23. I'm over the moon to announce that my LOA is FINALLY over, looking forward to seeing you all and all the changes that have happened since I've left!!!
  24. due to the ship breaking down I have now just set sail therefore I am adjusting my LOA i will now be away until the 15/7/2020 - Apologies to all however this issue is out of my control
  25. ^ In response to this some vehicle ramps would be nice so PassiveRP for repairing them could take place
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