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  1. +1 Would make CG more useful with protecting and evacuating VIPs as well as their general base management.
  2. Yes I read this and already know you're using naval ranks at present but the two hierarchies should be distinguishable from each other rather basically two sets of army commands.
  3. There's a difference between operating a base and leading an army though that's my point because you can't call yourself a general if you sit at a base occasionally pressing bind keys and dealing with the occasional angry man in open comms? (Ironic, perhaps depending on the situtation and personal need for my involvement). I'm aware that this list was basically pulled from a Command Heirarchy Wikipedia page for army ranks (huh, would you look at that) but I think this needs a little more revision to better fit a CWRP server.
  4. The lower ranks are fine as I said before (although Under Officer is still weird to me) it's just high command that needs revising to be less similar.
  5. The current naming needs changing that's a general fact (;P) but I don't think it makes sense to make the two naming structures so similar that it causes confusion and in a way that doesn't fit a CWRP server as Alydus mentioned. Also, yes, we delegate combat and are not always involved with it but you get the general idea (two for two :P) of what I'm saying.
  6. Actually that depends if they want to get involved or delegate troopers to perform combat (pretty much the job of MCOs/BG) and the same would go for Fleet or Base Command delegating base operations to lower ranking command members (CE would handle engine operations and CG security detail) and any combat related situations to the general or marshall commanders to take care of because it's our job.
  7. General-ly speaking (:P) you're not because you don't handle actual combat rather base operations so the names aren't fitting.
  8. Mostly holding issue with high command ranking, low ranks are fine apart from Under Officer being a strange rank name to me. You aren't generals.
  9. -1 due to the rank names and ordering being confusing and too similar to that of army.
  10. Don't assign this mission to members of high command (BG/MCOs) or commanders/executive officers of regiments. Yes, you can dismiss it but that's not the point.
  11. This was always a concern when giving regimental ARC orders because they would be grouped up with elite regiments under the EMCO most of the time and pulled away from regimental responsibilities.
  12. They shouldn't have grenade launchers anyway to be honest, heavy explosive weaponry is handled by 212th and counts as another form of regimental overlapping. If anything they should be using the old soft and hard breaches (no, get your mind out of the gutter for a second) using smokes and thermals as well as the flamethrowers for hopefully not burning friendlies inside. Would need to be very closely monitored and infractions of equipment abuse and damage to republic property treated seriously by the CO or EMCO for it to work.
  13. ^ This is true and would naturally scale with the player base allowing at least a few more slots to be added to elite regiments once things pickup again but still maintaining that it's a low population elite regiment.
  14. Not the point - overlapping is what got regiments removed to begin with because they didn't have unique reasons to exist. Similar to how 104th overlapped with CG (hostage handling) and ARC (jetpacks and such), they would need to be dedicated to breaching and 501st reassigned to another task or the equivalent of a glorified elite attack regiment. Was why I suggested keeping the door open for other regiments to be suggested. As for breaching trainings, 501st do need to start buckling down and doing that training unless this happens I guess.
  15. Controversial post alert. I kind of agree that ARC is on a downward spiral at present and the regimental ARC worked in a way, however without a specific commander training would probably fall on the EMCO. As for GM, I believe that there were incidents of friendly fire with flamethrowers and minging with grenade launchers and calling it training during its initial existence but it shouldn't be a problem to readd it if they are able to prove their reputation as an elite regiment and integrate themselves with a unique role (breaching is currently undertaken by 501st at the moment so you'd ne
  16. +1 takes a while for Alydus to get the signs made but definitely worth doing to avoid any confusion
  17. Previewing the Y Wing clips the preview model through the vehicle deployment screen and makes it impossible to press any of the buttons.
  18. May as well just be a supermarket announcement chime at that point like "Medics cleanup a dead CT on floor 1 please, and thank you". In all seriousness though, a less frequent alarm would definitely be less irritating for people but it still needs to be alarming enough to make people think "oh shit".
  19. +1 Not sure if the content is still in the pack but would definitely be cool to see that area return.
  20. Name: Unseen Rank: Battalion General / Jedi Master Reason for LOA: Burnout Paradise (I'm burnt out at the moment, get it) LOA Duration: 11/01/2021 - 18/01/2021 (1 week) Other Notes: Playing some other games, doing something different for a bit, generally just need a break from this.
  21. I think one of the big problems would be the railings with certain vehicles but I definitely +1 this idea because you could put some on the landing strip to make it easier.
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