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  1. Seems like some parts are going to be replaced so that's good but means waiting longer while they actually do this... Once again I ask for a week because business days and whatnot. LOA extended to Monday 22nd February for now at least unless something changes. Still available on Discord if you need me for things.
  2. Extending this tentatively by one week until Monday 15th February as I haven't heard anything back yet.
  3. +1 also need to allow more styles/forms to choose from on the presets.
  4. Yeeeah +1 that's not good at all...
  5. 1) MOTO is part of the Jedi structure (Mace Windu in lore) and they're responsible for overseeing/leading the Jedi Council while the Grand Master is responsible for the Jedi Order as a whole. Adding this would make their role more official (again, MOTO abbreviation isn't clear to all on its own), and clearly shows their seniority over the Jedi and Jedi Council. Aware that it only affects a small number of scanners such as the council room, temple brig, holocron vault and their own room if they are assigned one. 2) Misunderstanding, was telling Cud that MOTO and council members should
  6. No, which is why licences should be considered an alternative if it's feasible to support them. MOTO being the only one suggested as a job because it has more of a reason to be one than say a regular council member as their responsibilities and status is acknowledged as being just as important as the grand master. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Master_of_the_Order
  7. +1 as it would confirm they are competent enough to use it
  8. Maybe not a HP buff, the reason I specified licence rather than job for council members is because it is essentially cosmetic for the most part with the only real function being door access. MOTO being a clear step above masters in terms of responsibility would be sufficient for its own job in the structure. Seeing as council members consist of mostly masters who assume the same responsibility besides having a say in Jedi changes doesn't really give enough of a reason to make it a job. (With exception of being a style training master like Cud or Connor which in itself could be made a
  9. +1 definitely should be licensed.
  10. We will have to discuss the logistics further. As for the Admiral, the Jedi Temple is not Anaxes base therefore they have no jurisdiction there even if the planet does belong to the Republic. At least in my opinion, Jedi should treated as separate entities so the temple zone should be under the jurisdiction of the Grand Master and MOTO. Doesn't mean they can't request a visit to the temple and have friendly relations by all means as we don't get many visitors besides incursionists.
  11. This is valid and probably needs further discussion with devs on how to improve the scanner failure system as well as discussion with how CG handle scanner failures at the temple without the presence of TG.
  12. Once again permission from Cud as they were too lazy- I mean didn't want to make this post themselves. I don't know if scanners support licences or if it's just jobs but I would like to suggest adding a licence or job for MOTO (sounds weird coming from me right?) and a licence for Jedi Council members to show they are council members (even if it ends up just being cosmetic) which would allow them to open the council room. Right now the council room allows any master to just walk in (which is actually arrestable) so I thought it would be more RP friendly to allow only members to open
  13. -1 because Jedi generals aren't really a thing anymore, at least at the moment it is up in the air how they need to be integrated into clone command (or not as command at all). Understand the lore reason though and that's valid but I'll leave this up to Plasma to decide.
  14. I have permission from Cud to make this suggestion and it may not go down well with everyone but here we go anyway. I'd like to propose allowing medics to use their bacta tanks to restore past 100 armour for applicable people (such as Jedi) who spawn with more than 100 armour. Right now there's no way to replace that much armour without capping at 100 when a medic uses their bacta on you or just respawning.
  15. Name: Unseen / Fate Rank: Battalion General / Jedi Master Reason for LOA: PC repairs LOA Duration: 02/02/2021 - 09/02/2021 (1 week) (hopefully) Other Notes: Fed up of blue screens at this point so sending back for a check over. I'll be on Discord if you need me though, don't worry.
  16. Only just noticed the typo in the topic title smh "changes"*
  17. Honestly I never liked this and had to fight to get a compromise to get at least CWO as the highest rank rather than everything above SGT+ (except CO) being wiped out. Regiments are pretty empty, yes, and the idea of filling them is important but people should have the right to choose to remain a CT and have progression if that's how they want to play and form their own character. It's not necessarily about giving CTs specialised things either because that's what regiments are there for and they can still be medics or pilots anyway above SGT. Opening this in a suggestions post becaus
  18. +1 just don't let Chad near any of the base controls and we're golden
  19. The first Casual Friday event was pretty fun - maybe Who Wants to be a Millionaire under gameshows like the original plan? (Kind of 1 on 1 but still pretty fun)
  20. Jedi aren't the fire service but the camera would be nice at least for Jedi but that'll have to be a separate suggestion. Also did you know you can use the binoculars to press screen buttons at a distance like the ones at cadet spawn?
  21. Normally we don't spawn with any of the republic store items but going into the suite and out as a Jedi gives all binoculars that you own, the fire extinguisher and the camera. The weapons and grenades obviously aren't given but it's a little weird.
  22. +1 Would make CG more useful with protecting and evacuating VIPs as well as their general base management.
  23. Yes I read this and already know you're using naval ranks at present but the two hierarchies should be distinguishable from each other rather basically two sets of army commands.
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