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  1. +1 I mis the ship blowing up so in its place the base should blow up
  2. I think its an interesting idea and would like to see it
  3. As people may or not know I am HP and I have recently joined fleet (just now) but fleet only have access to the LAAT/i meaning I wouldn't be able to do HP my role as HP (training new pilots) it has been discussed with command with no problems of me keeping HP so I am now requesting a licence to give me access to all the ships in the pilot arsenal.
  4. +1 i like and i don't see a problem with any of it
  5. when u saying pack do u mean me, cus if u are u need to watch out since the forecast saying its raining hands in ur location
  6. Generals dont fight, they run the army and run the base
  7. ++1 having them called fleet while not on a ship is dumb
  8. -1 I disagree with the problems presented in the document, firstly your troops can be trained to be pilot and medics, there isn't a need for them to be special when its available your regiment just cant be bothered to get the training for it. Although the one time revive would be a cool idea but making every CG SGT+ would make it more standard then for emergency situations.
  9. +1 i like the animation on them just cause they are lower quality doesn't make them unusable and they aren't bad quality still.
  10. +1 i found it fun to play draughts and chess against people also gives something to do when no event is active
  11. I think it would make sense for it to stay on due to it being a suit just because you were incapacitated doesn't mean ur going to be striped naked or your armour +1
  12. New model for CE pilot cus yes SGT models/machine/srsp/19th_pilot_donate_01/19th_pilot_d_01.mdl Kilt - 1 LT models/machine/srsp/19th_pilot_donate_01/19th_pilot_d_01.mdl Shoulder - 1 Kilt - 1
  13. theres like 2 not including u (popkorn and blob)
  14. You being inactive to what ever reason isn't a valid counter argument surely if you cant be on the server when you are needed you should step down and let someone who does have the time take over to help the regiment like you said it can be helped
  15. the way i think it should work is that ARC will operate with the regiment but if a special task comes up with the regiment they would be sent off, instead of making ARC as a squad they could work in pairs for instance since before it was 2 ARC before. That way if a regiment was set a task and they needed like a special squad to do something the 2 ARC would be the ones for it.
  16. having it hand picked doesnt work it shows with ARC and shadow (also shadow do tryouts now not hand picked im pretty sure)
  17. I Think 501st shouldn't be the breaches first of all they aren't equipped to do it, they have a clone minigun while it is good it doesn't work well inside, most of the time the trigger gets held down and friendlies get massacred. The point of GM being Breach and CQC is because they have a flame thrower and are flame resistant meaning they wont get hurt walking in it. This means they can walk into a hostile building torching it and then allowing other troops to flow in to clear out and check the building. GM are entry fraggers. I +1 this due first of all ARC being so minuscule that it cant
  18. please make it go away my eyes are still burning
  19. +1 i agree running to the ER every time to grab one is a pain
  20. I feel like i dont need to explain why i +1 this
  21. I +1 this but it should require a higher rank then ensign cus i dont want kool airstriking my ass no offence kool.
  22. the status panel that shows how many people are on and if they are fleet or trooper and such still reads as if we are on board a ship.
  23. in my personal opinion the changes aren't hard to follow and if the HP changes in the future the new HP would have been in the Pilot spec long enough to know how the system works and would accept it due to the system working (hopefully) changes to pilot is difficult since there isn't much to change about it the system we are trying to put in place is to stream line and make the pilot spec easier to follow as well as give people a reason to progress throughout the pilot spec because before people would stay as a flight recruit and it wouldn't matter due to nothing changing until you get HP.
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