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  1. +1 I mis the ship blowing up so in its place the base should blow up
  2. I think its an interesting idea and would like to see it
  3. As people may or not know I am HP and I have recently joined fleet (just now) but fleet only have access to the LAAT/i meaning I wouldn't be able to do HP my role as HP (training new pilots) it has been discussed with command with no problems of me keeping HP so I am now requesting a licence to give me access to all the ships in the pilot arsenal.
  4. +1 i like and i don't see a problem with any of it
  5. when u saying pack do u mean me, cus if u are u need to watch out since the forecast saying its raining hands in ur location
  6. Generals dont fight, they run the army and run the base
  7. ++1 having them called fleet while not on a ship is dumb
  8. -1 I disagree with the problems presented in the document, firstly your troops can be trained to be pilot and medics, there isn't a need for them to be special when its available your regiment just cant be bothered to get the training for it. Although the one time revive would be a cool idea but making every CG SGT+ would make it more standard then for emergency situations.
  9. +1 i like the animation on them just cause they are lower quality doesn't make them unusable and they aren't bad quality still.
  10. +1 i found it fun to play draughts and chess against people also gives something to do when no event is active
  11. I think it would make sense for it to stay on due to it being a suit just because you were incapacitated doesn't mean ur going to be striped naked or your armour +1
  12. New model for CE pilot cus yes SGT models/machine/srsp/19th_pilot_donate_01/19th_pilot_d_01.mdl Kilt - 1 LT models/machine/srsp/19th_pilot_donate_01/19th_pilot_d_01.mdl Shoulder - 1 Kilt - 1
  13. theres like 2 not including u (popkorn and blob)
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