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  1. Name: Popkorn Rank: 2nd LT Reason: burnt out of the server. Time: 1-2 weeks
  2. I have been in ARC sense the server opened and i do think that at the moment we are just useless, Shadow have better equipment for sniping, 501st and DS have better equipment for breaching. At the moment i do think that making ARC regimental would be a better solution but adding GM back is not a good idea it was removed so that more people would join 501st and it does not bring anything new except flamethrowers.
  3. +1, The fact that u have to buy ammo is just stupid.
  4. Name: Popkorn Rank: ARC 2LT Reason for LOA: Going on holiday LOA Duration: 26/07/2020 to 12/08/2020
  5. I +1 the ide of removing them from Defensive and Attack MCO's there is not much point to have any of these and i think that the BG should still have both of them because well (hes the BG)
  6. Furr Billy asked me to make EXO Blitz and CO Colt in my suggestion
  7. So its weird to see 2 ARC LT's who look like 2 ARC CO's, so i was looking at different model pack on workshop and i found a LN pack that has some models we could use. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2006591069 (this model pack has new Trooper and SGT Models) New Models: Trooper - models/sample/zillo/arc/arc2.mdl SGT - models/sample/zillo/arc_3164/arc_3164.mdl LT (Old SGT Model) - models/sample/arc/havoc/havoc.mdl EXO (Old LT Model) - models/sample/arc/blitz/blitz.mdl CO (Old EXO Model) - models/sample/arc/colt/colt.mdl
  8. So right now you have to use the teleport from the LAAT to get to jedi temple, it would be nice if there was like a teleport in the skybox so that you have to use a ship to get there.
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