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  1. +1 Was discussed in the command meeting where they were all agreed upon, they make sense, as well as the fact fleet needs a name change.
  2. +1 I'd love to have HG, and it'll be a really fine and nice addition to the server, liven it up a little.
  3. +1 Basically, what Pac said. I feel like the names really need a change, it'll be a hell of code to change but it'll all make sense.
  4. Amazing as always Popkorn, never fail to make these.
  5. +1 They look very nice, very cool with the animations and what not too.
  6. Don't mind me, just bump.
  7. +1 Looks like you have some good ideas for events, however the only thing is we need more detail of your event plan. Where are the droids? What type of droids? Where is the data pad going to be, and is it going to be guarded heavily or minimally? Only a few questions just to clarify. However overall it'd be nice to have more EPs on the team.
  8. +1 I Assume they're a bit of the pain in the butt to make, but definitely are worth it in the long run.
  9. There's no coding that goes into this, just a simple rule; Don't shoot incursionists with your OP Military grade rocket launcher. Yesterday I was locked on to by a rocket as SOON as I deployed, it tracked on to me right as my vulture deployed and even when I was cloaked, the thing hit me as soon as the cloak ended 1 shotting me. Today, I got shot 2 times with a rocket launcher, (just mentioning I'd have over 1.1k HP) and it 2 shot me with the rockets. I don't know why this isn't common knowledge already, but I'm sure many people agree that it ruins the fun, and especia
  10. +1 The event plans seem very well thought out, and bringing in someone who has this much passion for planning and executing events is great. I also really like how you will give players a sense of loss, as at the moment they could kill a member of RHC and get away scott free. Overall, I'd be more than happy to see you on the team as you're responsible, not a minge and a very nice fella.
  11. There's now a new vehicle deployment station that was placed by Demon outside of the CE garage thingy. I think that should be useful for ground vehicles.
  12. +1 Occupies people and gives them something to do.
  13. +1 Please. There are very few ARU spots around the base, and when you need one there are no convenient stations nearby.
  14. The thing is that whenever the alarm was on, on the venator people would bitch and complain that it was annoying even with a different sound file. So I'm not sure. It'd be nice to have an alarm, but may be annoying at times.
  15. In-Game Name Wolf / Lontro (For TG) Age 16 Timezone GMT Current Playtime on CWRP 2 Weeks, 2 days. However I have been playing on PU since it released. Founder of the Community Billy Creator of the Gamemode used on CWRP Alydus Staff Member No Previous Staff Member Yes Previous Staff Member Retire Reason Sta
  16. Name: Wolf Rank: T CG CO/TG Reason: It's Christmas!! Return: 28th = 29th December. Notes: As much of a meme I am, I just wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas. And a Happy new year!
  17. +1 Could be a great little challenge for CE, seeing as all they do is just stand there and defuse it. It could also add more pressure on the poor buggers, so therefore, a great suggestion!
  18. +1, Good idea and can be useful, however I know these new LFS ones are really kinda buggy and they run like dying chickens, but yeah.
  19. +1 I know is was discussed previously but would still be amaxing to see, obviously it wouldn't be something that could happen right now but maybe more down the line. I agree with everything that Hagrid replied to.
  20. Would there be set classed kits? How will it not be unbalanced? Setting everyone's HP and Armour will take a little while.
  21. In the most recent meeting it was discussed that I would be hosting Community Events throughout the period in which we're on the new Fort Anaxes map, and I stated that I had a few ideas in mind consisting of: - Racing > BARC Speeder Races > Jetpack Races > Ship races - 'The Hunt'. Basically, just an Easter egg hunt which could possibly expand out onto a bigger hunt (E.g. You'd find a clue which leads to one place, then to another, etc). - Suite contest. The best decorated suite that has the most votes by the end of a designated time would g
  22. I mean, personally, I'm a big ol' chocolate cake fan, 'cause i'm a pig. Tell me what you like.
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