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  1. I personally still dont see the need/requirement to change the name of fleet and the ranks, but as it is an improvement upon the last suggestion and if its been agreed upon by Fleet and Commanders then I guess i'll agree with it, +1
  2. +1 if its been discussed with commanders and fleet then i've got no problem with it, plus imo it makes more sense that HP is held by a fleet member, especially in regard for holding trainings
  3. +1 nice colours, nice uniforms, plus it shows a bit of rank progression with the change in uniform colour
  4. Okay cheers for the clarification, was just trying to figure out what roles each would play and if they clashed
  5. Another point of thought that spung to mind is how would operate with CG Pilots, or would Pilot training no longer be offered as a standalone thing with the option to be Pilot trained being part of being trained as a Honour Guard, as the similarities in terms of flight capabilities between the two jobs may clash
  6. +1, This seems like a good compromise from the previous HG suggestions and the other CG suggestion made by Izzy, the only minor change/suggestion I would have is that they are instead hand-picked from SGT+ (NCO+) as they would still be recieving what is effectivley pilot training - even if they dont/arent allowed to use the LAAT in as wider range of roles as normal pilots.
  7. Okay, so I'm going to try and cover both sides of the argument then add in my own opinion/suggestions and findings at the end. Pros of new Fleet name/ranks (and Cons for old name/ranks) - New names/ranks appear to be more appropriate for Ground/Base Command (because some players previously had a problem with the ranks) - Because of the inspiration from Army ranks its clearer how the ranks progress and who outranks who in terms of Ground/Base Command - Differentiates the server from others as most use the simple, more common and easier to understand Fleet ranks, so appears u
  8. +1, This definetly makes sense to me, though maybe also have it for Fleet (maybe all of them? - not sure how difficult or regulary get promoted), and maybe also troopers 2nd LT+ as along with the roles/positions Unseen suggested it typically is a long time/very hard (if not impossible for certain roles under certain circunstances) to earn promotions.
  9. 'Grats on the Promotion Fleet Admiral E-Girl
  10. +1 The extra colours and variations offered as well as the nice animations make up for the slightly lower quality models.
  11. +1 When i return to the server, I will require somethung to fufill my crippling addition to chess, also its good for when player numbers are low and there are no tryouts, trainings, events etc.
  12. -1 CG have the option of being trained to be a Pilot or Medic at SGT+ which solves both of the problems you mention, without needing to add a medkit to all CG (which makes normal medics/medics within CG pointless), or them need to have a special LAAT (which would still require Pilot training to fly, thus making the trooper a pilot anyway?), on top of this most pilots and medics generaly can do the exact things you are asking for CG, all you would really need is to ask them nicely/for them to be nearby.
  13. -1 The T-21 is an Imperial Era Blaster, so im not sure why clones would have it when the Z6 would suffice/works, as seen with GM having had (or may soon again have) it in their loadout. Also this might be something best to come back to after a decision has been made with the GM/ARC Debate, as the loadout is very similar to GMs loadout, with the DC-15A instead being a westar, and the T-21 being a Z6 and them not having a shield, so it feels strikingly similar to the standard GM loadout, just with a shield and a bit more health.
  14. Ah thats my bad, what I meant was the role ARC Commander would be held by either the EMCO or BG (which is how it was like previously), not the person who is the ARC Commander would become the EMCO.
  15. I didnt say that the ARC CO should become the EMCO, im just saying that previously the commander of the ARC was either the EMCO or BG (unless i misunderstood what you said)
  16. Alright so someone mentioned GM so i guess im coming out of retirement, so here goes nothing... Im going to +1, partially because I would love for GM to be back, but also because ARC is meant to be smaller anyway, and not the size of a larger regiment, so ARC going back to regimental (and only being available to 212th, 501st and GM) makes sense and working it how it worked when i worked up to GM ARC, which was when a trooper was 2nd LT+, and their commander recommended them to the Elite MCO, the ARC would be watched by the Elite MCO and then if after watching them (for a couple weeks atle
  17. See previous points about how Pilots dont need this, and it isnt needed. Also 'showing off' that we are able to spawn a vehicle (that isnt able to be locked, im again pointing out) isnt really that impressive compared to some of the other AI commands, and i very highly doubt a new player would stay specifically because of that command (which even if they stay and become a pilot they wouldnt have access to according to your suggestion) especially when we have custom screens that allow pilots to spawn a vehicle of their choosing, without needing to fuck around with texting the AI, and getti
  18. That just makes it harder then for people to know when events are, cus im fairly sure with that bot format its a bitch to @ people, and say goodbye to proper embeded links, which a lot of EPs like to use to add context and make their events seem more proffesional, plus bot messages are just easily more forgettable then a proper message telling people when the event is, especially as it will be annoying as they will have to make a specail bot message each time they announce the countdown time.
  19. +1 would be a nice thing to have, (also might make getting the kill hyenas, gunships and vulture missions easier to complete)
  20. yes that is my point Chad... we dont need the AI to spawn in ships for us, especially as the hangers are even closer togther/easier to access then on the venator. ...Whats next? you want the AI to give you Dental and a Health Checkup aswell?
  21. that just makes it even more unneeded then, as its even easier to Pilots to spawn vehicles, especially with the larger hanger and skybox, plus my point about not being able to lock vehicles 'in theory' still stands
  22. -1, just @ people, i mean we have a dedicated tag for people who want to be alerted to events im fairly sure, so just use that instead of cluttering the discord channel with a mix of @'s and bot messages, especially as EPs will still need to @ people with the announcements before events start (ie the times/countdowns to the event) so this seems pointless and an extra unnecessary thing to have. Edit: also anyone else notice that Chad makes a suspicious ammout of posts relating to 'things hes seen on other communuities'?
  23. I mean even if the troops go to the hanger straight after DB, typically the ship is either still in hyperspace or still needs to hyperspace, so that gives the Pilots ample time to setup the vics and even if spawned in by the AI, pilots would still need to position the vics out of the bays, plus as i already mentions it means pilots can actually lock the ships if they spawn them themselves
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