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  1. +1 I did not mean to put the clown reaction, but I am not removing it because it is funny.
  2. 1. Since HG is a License, they can also be Medically trained. However, whether Pete will allow that is another question. 2. It has the same fire-rate as the DC-15A 3. Since it is a license, you will have the whole CG loadout, but HG are not allowed to use the Stun Baton, Stun Gun or Brig Arrest Baton.
  3. Of course, I want to be as transparent as possible.
  4. They are only allowed to use the LAAT to transport VIPs, not for combat or CAS.
  5. The standard Pilots license will still exist for normal CG. Honour Guard however, will not be allowed to get it, instead the HG License will give them access to spawn just the CG LAAT. They will be trained by Pac or I during their training for HG. This prevents them from spawning fighters and normal LAATs.
  6. That is a valid point that I overlooked, you have a good point. I won't make a decision just yet, but this is certainly something that needs revisiting.
  7. THIS POST HAS BEEN APPROVED BY: CG CO Lawrence CG EXO Jarno Battalion General Unseen Fleet Admiral Tesco Hello all, I was recently speaking to some people who suggested restarting Honour Guard, I got the ball rolling and yesterday we finalised Honour Guard. I know I’m one for writing many paragraphs, but I will try to keep it short. Honour Guard will be a HAND-PICKED specialisation for CG, available for all troopers from Enlisted up to Commissioned Officer, its primary goal is personnel protection, which will allow normal CG to continue
  8. Multi-Star Generals exist, and they never lead anything.
  9. -1 Ik Fleet is in dire need of a name change, but the names just don't fit right, they're just... off?
  10. With Billy on LOA, all problems brought up on this thread are sorta gonna have to be put on hold until / if he comes back. I guess we are playing a war of Attrition.
  11. Alright Billy, how about while we discuss this, you have some time to do these things and prove ARC as a regiment. Because there is a whole process for the removal of a regiment that would take 2 to 3 weeks. Meetings, debates everything. You have time to prove yourself, so do it.
  12. ARC has existed since June 14th or somewhere abouts. They have had that long to prove themselves and just haven't really.
  13. Where possible, we want the MCOs to have an even amount of Regiments. And even if it doesn't take many players, it is practically dead and has no appeal.
  14. The difference is that it is optional and does not take up a regiment slot, which means ARC numbers do not matter. The Commander question is interesting, but personally I think that would be done with the EMCO.
  15. +1 ARC is in its nature a niche regiment, it is designed to fit a certain thing that we don't have. Add atop that the dwindling player base and stagnation of ranks, this server is starting to die. Removing a regiment which is non-essential and dying and replacing it with something more common and potentially more popular would be exciting and fun, plus we have people on the server who used to be in it, so they know what they are doing. ARC when it was added just seemed to be just an exclusivity club for some special people that inflated their sense of superiority, it just sorta happe
  16. Make a short, 3 tone alarm that plays once every... minute or so. Or instead of creating a loud SCREACH of an alarm, create a 3-chime that plays every minute or so.
  17. I am unsure as to how the Fleet will look at the areas to airstrike without flying out there, but ignoring that technicality, +1.
  18. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2332782456 THEY LOOK MINT
  19. +1 From first-hand experience, you have skill and you are certainly a good EP.
  20. Ship keys exist simply so ships aren't stolen. I want to make sure that CTs dont minge and steal the ship.
  21. May I also have the Ship key? And I would also like access to the CG Bunks scanner. And if you're feeling really nice, Alydus (Developing Be Upon Him) may I have the Stun Gun? Many thanks and regards in advance if the Gods of the code bring my harvest bounty.
  22. I was ALT + E'd in MHB when invited to suite. I remained sitting there after the elevator ride. And standing up kept me where I was.
  23. Unable to use weapons other than a pistol when checking out of suite.
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