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  1. Again i have a similar issue with this as i did with an addition to the 501st please see here : Essensially my major issue is the server as a whole is struggling to get players into the regiments and classes we do have , While CG is not as on the brink as 501st is I think the same logical chain can be applied that we should focus much more on getting players in before we start adding more different places for said players to go. Furthermore, its unlikley it would get many players / it would just thin CG out as from what i can tell most players are happy where they are. -1 for no
  2. Wait what , your the admiral now ?! Well GG
  3. I like the idea of more options within 501st, However the regiment is on the brink of not having any players at the moment. I feel like we need players of an applicable rank in the regiment before we can start adding more to it. So for now -1
  4. So, a little while ago some super high quality CGI Astromech droids were released, supposedly with animations and stuff. I thought they would be a good replacement for the droids we have right now, CGI would fit in way better. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2281582165
  5. Update: ITS WORKING BOYS !!!!! Im installing Fallout 4 as I type this as a graphics test and then Gmod is up next, I should be on starting friday/saturday
  6. Name: Heavy / (idk what my jedi is called) Rank: private I think ? / jedi master Reason: my computer is in parts and will not turn on. Big fuck up on my end. I'm working on getting a cheaper gaming pc for now so I can atleast run gmod again but were looking at February time if not late late janurary. Return: early Feb / late january Notes:
  7. +1 would encourage people to become pilots and would stop pilots being left behind credits wise. I'd also like to gently push the idea of jedi getting this feature too as we fly a lot.
  8. -1 for a few reasons 1. Im fairly certain we have the red LAATs for CG, If not they would be a better addition than these 2. this transport was mainly used in population centers like Coruscant and Lothal, On Millitary bases, LAATs and other weaponised transports would be used by CG
  9. Wish to be unbanned from Garry's Mod CWRP Server Discord In-Game Name Heavy (i dont remember my other names its been so long) User who banned pete Length of Ban perminant Reason for Ban Player pulling - on making a community of my own, i invited members from PU to said new community. While i see said members as people id consider to be IRL freinds, it was none the less player pulling. Gameserver Ban Message
  10. I'm suggesting that the ability to change your vote until the end of said vote be removed and changed into a similar system to ULX where you click it once and it stays as that vote. Its extreamly annoying as an EP to have to grab the screenshot in the last milisecond of the vote because of some people who piss about with it and put awful or bad until 0.5 seconds before the end and then change it. I know its a small thing but it would make EPs lives so much easier and stop people accidently spoiling votes with awfuls or bads that where there as part of this joke,
  11. Self explanatory, I dont really wanna buy nitro to use it in the discord. We have it on the damn gmod now we may as well put it on the main discord too.
  12. +1 I know its doable in game but it effects all ships, the Vwing just needs a local sound dampen its OTT
  13. Can we please have https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1562966111  added to the content. the model code is; models/player/swtor/arsenic/wildocity/wildocity.mdl Bodygroups as: Hood: 1 Head: 1 This makes the model look like the right This is as I have recently dropped anakin and Council members should really have custom models.
  14. I brought the hundcuff thing up as boss and it was HATED. Boss only got them due to some negotiating with the MCOs and myself on my part. So very unlikley it'd happen now. As for the shotgun i disagree on the grounds that the shotgun is bosses unique weapon so taking it from him would make the boss loadout pointless. The whole idea of it is to work to get boss so you can get the shotty. Thats my opinion anyway -1
  15. (Incase you didn't gage the funny in this, im back)
  16. Sorry man. Yeah props to you and pete too for all the work you've done
  17. Rank: 2LT / Knight / Council Member Start: 12/06/2020 End: Unkown - Estimating at MOST a couple weeks Reason: With all these changes coming I need to decide what i want to do within this community. The changes, no fault of anyone involved in them, have deadlocked me into a set place that I am unsure if i wish to remain in. My original plan when leaving the admiral was to go for 501st ARC; Clearly there is 0 point in that now and im not really keen on working under the elite or defensive MCOs (Nothing personal i just dont get on well with robin at the best of times and me and plasma tend
  18. New nice little bug too, changing the exit key dosent actually change it - aka i cant get out of lfs ships now
  19. I keep having major issues with LFS. 1. If im looking forward in the TX130 and press R - half the time it wont turn on and will tell me im not looking forward when i clearly am 2. Major blur in the TX130 - I get this in a lot of LFS Vehicles but the TX130 has it the worst (Visible in above image) 3. Mouse inverstion - in the TX130 All my looking controls are inverted and i dont know why I seem to be the only one getting these issues but from what ive heard there also almost definatly not client side. Reinstalling all my LFS Stuff dosent fix the issue either.
  20. +1 this would be super useful in battle and stuff
  21. Anyone who owned the automatic radio connection before its removal now gets this message upon loading in `Failed to apply effect with ID: automaticRadioConnection, please reportthis to a developer.`
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