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  3. This lets EPs allow CE to repair comms towers at the beginning of missions or even hack into a comms tower to let comms be activated. this also means mid way through a mission the comms can be destroyed and CE will need to repair them or find another comms tower to hijack.
  4. Your suggestion/bug report has now changed status to approved, and will now be added to the roadmap by a member of the development team. You may track the implementation/fix of your suggestion/bug report by viewing it on the public roadmap at any time. If this was a suggestion, this is likely due to positive community feedback, or because this was due to be implemented on our internal roadmap. Please note that in some circumstances we will implement your suggestion/bug report instantly and bypass the roadmap entirely. Thank you for taking your time to write your suggestion/bug report, we take these seriously and it will be managed appropriately.
  5. repair ship bind is for repairing when an astromech is in a ship
  6. Finds the average health between everyone in the sim and sets everyones hp to that obviously making things more fare
  7. Application Denied Your application has be denied for the following reasons: I feel your answer to the question "Thinking of an event idea" is inappropriate. Very little community interaction on the discord throughout your time as part of the community. After reviewing how you go about yourself in game you have been arrested for multiple different reasons like misuse of equipment and breaking the golden rule. I believe your planetary can be further explained and some parts are very not used to the full of their ability like what the pikes actually want from the diplomat and what the pikes hopeful outcome was in the first place. If you would like to apply again I recommend interacting with the community more on the discord and the forums also following orders better on the server as being arrested for misuse of equipment then wanting to become an EP is not going to improve your chances.
  8. Application pushed to training phase You'll be contacted on discord about further steps please keep in mind you may still be denied if you fail this training.
  9. In-Game Name Kool Age 16 Timezone GMT +2 Current Playtime on CWRP 230 Founder of the Community Billy Creator of the Gamemode used on CWRP Alydus Staff Member No Previous Staff Member Yes Previous Staff Member Retire Reason School in norway started getting harder due to Covid-19 so i had to stop, but now i am free to help due to most of the stuff that i am supposed to be doing stopped. Working Microphone Yes Languages English, Albanian, Norwegian, a bit of chinese Adapting to situations Yes, thats the main reason i love playing as a EP as i can work with the users on the Event, building rp between them. Event Planner Experience Yes Servers you have planned events on This one, Nemesis (Legendary Old server), Omega (Even more Legendary), and i have been EP/GM with others but they used to be a joke of a server What can you bring to the EP team? I have worked with Editing, Screenwriting/storytelling as my main thing and i believe that can be converted into the job of a EP. About you As i said before i work on editing or filmmaking as a whole and i love making videos, i used to make small trailers but they used to be trash, from where i stand i'd give them a 2/10. I have worked on my editing skills and now believe i have somekind of knowledge when it comes to hyping people up. And i have witnessed a lot of shitty events and now know how to make events interesting. Thinking of an event idea Simple, make a basic plan: Go to planet, kill CIS officer. Then add certain side objectives: Destroy door, take control of an area, kill sith, hack enemy comms etc. Then expand the reason why we are going there: The CIS officer is a ex republic navy, he has dangerous intel that can make our fleet look insanely predictable. Now the main reason why being a EP is so fun. Adapting to the plan, if they capture the officer, there will be a venator attack. Use EC to create dialogue between the republic and the enemy, for example: Engineer/RC hacks into comms, he can hear what the enemy are saying, use it to locate the officer. Use different components to increase the fun between ALL regiments and other. Planning an event idea Now having the idea, finding a plan to execute it is harder. What map should it be? It must be a map we know, we know all the different locations where we can put our officer in, we know where to put snipers, we know where we can put a CIS blockade etc. Now having a EC isn't really a priority but what their main RP objective IS. For example, we can have a CIS commander being in the comms saying stuff and hinting of their location etc. We can have a sith make the jedis turn to the dark side. ETC. This stage you just think deeper into the event and execute it. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate how capable you believe you are at thinking of, planning and executing an event? 8 On a scale of 1-10, how comfortable are you using the Garry's Mod Sandbox spawnmenu? 10 Please provide ship event plan including what and why something is happening in your event, how that will affect the players, the expected outcome and EP notes to follow during the event Stealth Commando (There are already inside) Fleet are alerted of somesort of a anomaly, it has weird codes, numbers, words etc. When they were broadcasted, certain troops were activated to a Stealth Commando. Each commando has a objective. Kill. But for that to happen they must be quiet. (These troops are either selected randomly or are very trusted. All selected commandos only gain a cloaking device. They gain a message "Kill Silently" in PM's, they are moved into a channel where they can plan their attacks if they desire that.) Fleet gain more information of Commando being deep behind enemy lines, and that they are being hinted that there could be commandos inside the venator. Fleet start a search Probably. When a person is killed they are messaged by the EP "You have lost all knowledge of what just happen.". While this is happening the Commandos will start trying to sabotage the ship increasing the danger. (IF the commandos are able to destroy basically everything, the last thing they can do is kill Fleet. And also they are not allowed to cloak 24/7, they are only given that ability if they are messaged "Cloak Ready.") This will continue until they are found/killed. If the venator still hasn't killed the commandos, they will send out a beacon, which will initiate a basic venator attack. Every 5 minutes fleet are given a message hinting where the Commandos could be, just to make it easier, for example: A commando is wearing 212th armor. Amount of commandos: 4-6. What happens if everyone dies way to early?: We get a second chance but the number of commandos are reduced by alot (2-3 commandos) Everyone can be killed by the Commandos. Please provide a Planetary event plan including what will happen on the main base and why this happens, the planet they are going to RP wise, the name of the map being changed to, a description of what the troops will do as well as how this will affect them, the expected outcome and EP notes to follow during the event Full Onslaught Base: Anaxes, are informed of a massive republic attack on a core CIS planet nearby, this will reduce CIS control and increase republic domination. This attack will be focused on control which means the republic must hold a position, set up radars etc. Map: gm_fork (night version). The republic are informed that they are to stick together and push together, they will have a 40 minute timer before we lose control. Sometimes we are given support from venators above, sometimes CIS would attack at us. We would need 2-3 EP's, 1 working with the venator and the munificent, 1 sending out droids. We would hopefully also have EC droids working with the ground forces and trying to kill the Republic. For example one would control a tank (he wont be retarded and WILL have somewhat of a good aim), commandos/BX, etc. Hopefully if there is a addon where we can all jump down with parachutes. That or we just spawn on a warehouse or smth. Something near the objective. There are 3 areas to be controlled. If republic captures a area, they gain 5minutes on the timer. There are 3 endings. 1. The republic takes control over the areas and win, the CIS are retreating and it is a good win. 2. The republic fail and are bombed by the CIS and lose. 3. The republic EASILY win but CIS take one munificent to use everything on the republic. Those are the reasonable endings we can have. Other then that this event is mainly a big attack and a take control kind of an event.
  10. Your suggestion/bug report has now changed status to approved, and will now be added to the roadmap by a member of the development team. You may track the implementation/fix of your suggestion/bug report by viewing it on the public roadmap at any time. If this was a suggestion, this is likely due to positive community feedback, or because this was due to be implemented on our internal roadmap. Please note that in some circumstances we will implement your suggestion/bug report instantly and bypass the roadmap entirely. Thank you for taking your time to write your suggestion/bug report, we take these seriously and it will be managed appropriately.
  11. Thank you for reporting this, I have confirmed this is an issue on all browsers.
  12. https://prnt.sc/uk7yun When trying to access the Roadmap on Firefox, it refuses to load when clicking on a task, refusing to opening it because of embedding.
  13. +1 would encourage people to become pilots and would stop pilots being left behind credits wise. I'd also like to gently push the idea of jedi getting this feature too as we fly a lot.
  14. -1 for a few reasons 1. Im fairly certain we have the red LAATs for CG, If not they would be a better addition than these 2. this transport was mainly used in population centers like Coruscant and Lothal, On Millitary bases, LAATs and other weaponised transports would be used by CG
  15. Hi Mcbiccies, After discussion with management we've decided to accept your ban application, we see no potential harm in doing so - and we hope to have you back as a active member of the community. Thank you for taking your time to write a ban appeal and express your thoughts.
  16. Wish to be unbanned from Garry's Mod CWRP Server Discord In-Game Name Heavy (i dont remember my other names its been so long) User who banned pete Length of Ban perminant Reason for Ban Player pulling - on making a community of my own, i invited members from PU to said new community. While i see said members as people id consider to be IRL freinds, it was none the less player pulling. Gameserver Ban Message Why should you be unbanned Hello all, Essentially, im not going to sit here and bullshit and act like what i did wasn't player pulling - it most defiantly was. While i see those that i invited to my own server as close friends, it none the less should have been discussed with management first before any invites were given. It was extremely selfish of me to just invite PU members to another server in this fassion. And for this I apologise. Evidently, All i can offer is apology and to admit what i did was wrong. As someone who helped build up PU, I never wanted to harm the community. I loved the server and still do, I want to support it in any way possible. My failed attempt at a server has made me remember quite how hard we worked to build this place and compromising that by taking players was wrong. The swrp server that caused all of this has now closed , not that this absolves me of what i did, However i'd like to think of this as a waking up point for myself. I was rather childish to believe i could build a server up and it was outright rather rude to take players from here to achieve that. Now that the community died i see that. Like i say, none of this absolves me of what i did but i'd simply like to request a second chance to do right by the community. There isnt really any definitive evidence i can give as to why i should be unbanned, as i admit i did actually do what i was banned for. As i said, all i can really do is apologise to you all here definitively and hope that all i did to build PU and see it build success is evidence enough of my sencerity to this end. While my previous positions within the community should by no means absolve me of what i did, I do hope that they can stand as evidence that i would never want to actually harm PU and i see that what i did was rather stupid and was done with no intention of harm - although evidently, i clearly crossed a line in doing what i did. I just hope that those that know me can see this as a sincere appology for whats happened , while that dosent make what i did right I hope that this is enough for you guys to lift my ban and allow me to become a part of the community i love so much once again. If not, I wish you luck in the future with wherever it is the server take you all. Many thanks for taking the time to even read this, Charlie. Fact Checking Yes Alternative Accounts No Alternative Account Checking Yes
  17. Your suggestion/bug report has now changed status to denied, see the replies to this topic for the reason. If your bug report was denied, it is because it was not able to be re-produced by a member of the development team, or because you submitted a bug report that is invalid and either will not be fixed, or is not fixable (such as asking us to fix an issue with the game itself). Thank you for taking your time to write your suggestion/bug report.
  18. Denying this suggestion as this is a bit too static of an AI command for a base like Anaxes, with the way vehicle placement will be spawned. Please try and keep the discussions civil, we're all trying to suggest cool new ideas for the server here.
  19. ThE rObOtS aRe TaKiNg OuR jObS https://tenor.com/uagv.gif
  20. But it wont be like that i'd assume the command would simple or even simpler than the ep commands in-game. But the countdown that can be done through the bot as well if i am not wrong, the bot can send scheduled messages depending on the time that was set for the event, all the eps would have to do is just add the image or video to IMGUI and just paste the link in? Well this is how I invision the bot, but I really dont know how it will work, but id assume something reletivly something like that.
  21. @Bruh the idea that Chad is trying to convey is that it can be done through either the discord or in game. I personally +1 this idea as it will hopefully add some professionalism through uniformity to the event announcements channel.
  22. -1. Just don't see a real point of it and doing it on discord is just easier for me personally.
  23. See previous points about how Pilots dont need this, and it isnt needed. Also 'showing off' that we are able to spawn a vehicle (that isnt able to be locked, im again pointing out) isnt really that impressive compared to some of the other AI commands, and i very highly doubt a new player would stay specifically because of that command (which even if they stay and become a pilot they wouldnt have access to according to your suggestion) especially when we have custom screens that allow pilots to spawn a vehicle of their choosing, without needing to fuck around with texting the AI, and getting it to spawn a laat for you instead of clicking maybe 2 buttons. Also also, learn to take a joke.
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