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We've invested and implemented new forums to help smooth application processes, receiving server feedback and general discussion in our community

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Join the Event Planner team to be involved in creating fun, unique story filled events using hundreds of specially designed tools for the community

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Join the server staff team to help moderate a constantly evolving CWRP server, and be involved in protecting our community

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Post your suggestions for future content to help improve our server, and report any issues you have came across in the form of a bug report

Project Uprising Forums

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Official forums for the Project Uprising Community


  1. Information

    General information about our server and our community, and different guides to help you achieve different things throughout our community





  2. Community

    Help forge the future of the community by submitting ideas for new content for our server, discord & forums - and report issues in the form of bug reports so we can fix them.





  3. Applications

    Applications for the different teams in our community





  4. Player Issues

    Submit a ban appeal if you have been banned on our discord or one of our gameservers to wish to be unbanned, or make a complaint about the Staff Team or Event Planner team to help us improve!

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  5. Player LOAs

    Going away to the Bahamas for the weekend? Let us know you won't be available by creating an LOA (leave of absence).





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    • I am on annual leave 7th August 2020 to the 21st August 2020, I will be intermittently available on Discord but will not be able to do my usual duties. Thanks.
    • Sorry to hear about this mate, don't worry about your availability for a GMOD server, we all understand.
    • Name: Robin  Reason For LOA: Tomorrow we're most likely going to be putting my pet down and I don't know if i will be able to write this after it. I know the server is dead rn but i'm not sure if i will even feel better again when it's up again.  Length Of LOA: Until i feel like I can handle this.  Other Notes: You're all incredible people so the server will probably help a lot when it comes back. I look forward to it.   
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